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Falcons Saturday trivia: Who holds the single game record for interceptions twice over?

The quarterback in question had a surprisingly long career for Atlanta given the distinction.

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Last year, we leaned pretty heavily on trivia questions to keep ourselves entertained throughout the offseason. With a new coaching staff and front office in place and so many intriguing questions ahead for the Falcons, we’re going to offer up trivia a little more sporadically.

Welcome to Falcons Saturday trivia, where we’ll ask questions big and small about the Falcons and see how good your knowledge of the franchise is. We’ll start with one that’s pretty incredible, and not in a good way.

Jim Hardy of the Chicago Cardinals holds the all-time single game record for interceptions, having chucked 8 of them in a single game. Six quarterbacks are tied for second on that list with 7, including Steve DeBerg, Ken Stabler, and Ty Detmer. There are over 40 games from there where quarterbacks have thrown 6 picks in a single game, including the Falcons franchise record holder, who “accomplished” that fear twice in his career.

The quarterback in question was a multi-year starter for Atlanta who actually enjoyed some success for the team, and those 12 interceptions accounted for a significant percentage of the ones he threw for the Falcons. Who is the quarterback? Bonus points if you can tell me the years where he threw all those picks.