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Falcons - Lions final score predictions

We’re bullish on Atlanta’s chances of delivering the present of a home win.

Detroit Lions v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The Falcons are playing the Lions today, and we’re hoping for the belated Christmas present of anything but a humiliating loss. Will Atlanta deliver?

Honestly, we’re optimistic for a change. You can check out our predictions below and share yours once you do, and we hope you had a great holiday yesterday if you celebrate.

Falcons 23 - Lions 13

Deep into December and I have no idea what to expect from either team here. I might even give the Lions the edge with Jared Goff finally looking mediocre — he’s now on the COVID with something named Tim Boyle starting if Goff can’t test out. If Goff returns, he still missed some valuable practice time that seems likely to slow down the suddenly hot Lions. For the Falcons, things either work or they don’t. There really is no in-between. Against good teams, the Falcons are a disaster. Against bad ones, they can piece together enough competence to pull out the W. I have a tough time seeing Detroit being good enough to pull the upset. - Matt Chambers

Falcons 27 - Lions 20

Giving myself the holiday gift of some confidence. The Lions aren’t a pushover and are coming off a truly impressive effort against the Cardinals, but Tim Boyle is not a good quarterback and the Lions are still a long way away from being a good team. A quality effort from this Falcons team should be enough to deliver the win, and while we can’t take that effort happening for granted, I think they’ll finally do enough to snag their first home win against a team dealing with significant attrition. -Dave Choate

Falcons 24 - Lions 14

The Lions are a team that is truly rebuilding. Their entire roster - except maybe for their running backs - can use significant upgrades all around. On top of that, there’s a chance their “best” QB - Jared Goff - may not play. Tim Boyle is no upgrade over the already mediocre Goff, though the Falcons do have the tendency to make mediocre talent seem great. Even still, one big distinction with Arthur Smith over the previous regime is that this Atlanta team tends to beat the teams they should. They should beat the injured and sick Lions and get their first win in Atlanta this year. - David Walker