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Falcons - 49ers Week 15 final score predictions

What are our expectations for today?

Atlanta Falcons v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

What are we predicting for Falcons vs. 49ers? This is a pivotal game, and one I think everyone here would like to see us win.

Spoiler: We’re not expecting it. The Falcons have surprised us in the past, most notably against a Saints team we didn’t realize was on the verge of collapse, but this would be their first victory against an above average team all year. We’re all seeing small improvements, ones that are encouraging both for now and in the future, but it’s not clear whether those will be enough to knock off a pretty balanced team. Hope burns bright, but confidence doesn’t.

Read ours and give us yours, if you would.

Falcons 24 - 49ers 27

This may be the first time I feel concern about the upcoming game. The Falcons are suddenly in the playoff race, stuck in a big mess of teams around or under .500 vying for a wildcard spot. Obviously the more the Falcons win, the better. The 49ers are the most interesting game left on Atlanta’s schedule — a game that is technically winnable, and would most likely (with wins against easier matchups) push Arthur Smith into the playoffs. The Falcons have tightened up in recent weeks. I just still can’t imagine that it is enough. I think Atlanta can keep it close but just can’t stay with San Francisco. - Matt Chambers

Falcons 20 - 49ers 28

Every fiber of my being wants to believe the Falcons can knock off the 49rs for the second time in three years, with all the fun playoff implications that would entail. We’re still waiting for the Falcons to play a complete game and knock off a legitimate contender, though, and the 49ers are a good team playing pretty well right now. I’ll hope, but it’s going to take the kind of end-to-end effort we just haven’t seen yet to get the job done, and I’m skeptical we’ll get it. May I eat those words. - Dave Choate