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Cornerback Kendall Sheffield exits game with hamstring injury

He was ruled out immediately.

Photo by Edward M. Pio Roda/Getty Images

Atlanta Falcons cornerback Kendall Sheffield has exited the game against the New Orleans Saints with a hamstring injury. He was promptly ruled out for the remainder of the contest.

The injury occurred as Sheffield was covering a punt in the second quarter. While working as a gunner in return coverage, Sheffield appeared to pull up without contact and grab the back of his leg before falling to the turf.

Sheffield has been doing a solid job in punt coverage of late, leading to public praise from special teams coordinator Marquice Williams on his ability to force fair catches.

Kendall Sheffield recently returned from a stint on injured reserve (also related to a hamstring injury that held him out of most of training camp), and while he hasn’t had a start, he’s shown his productivity in the punt coverage game.

We’ll hope he’s on the mend soon, and continue to update you on his status as we move through the week.