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Falcons 21, Jaguars 14: Atlanta wins against a hapless Jacksonville team

It was the opposite of an inspiring win.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Jacksonville Jaguars Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons came into this game in need of a bounce back game, particularly from the offense - which failed to score a touchdown in the last two games. Did the combination of facing the Jaguars and getting offensive weapon Cordarelle Patterson end up being the cure? Let’s take a look at how it played out.

First quarter

After Jacksonville wins the toss and defers, the Falcons offense takes the field at their 32 after a nice return by Avery Williams. The offense starts with a short pass from Matt Ryan to Keith Smith for 6. After a false start makes it 2nd and 9, Cordarelle Patterson runs for no gain. On 3rd down, Ryan connects with Russell Gage for 9 and the first. Gage drops the first down pass, Ryan scrambles for 7 and on 3rd and 3, Ryan connects with Patterson for 7 and the first. Mike Davis runs for 5 then loses 2 on the next run. On 3rd and 7, Ryan’s pass for Davis goes incomplete. Atlanta punts.

The Jaguars offense starts from their 14 with a 1 yard pass by Trevor Lawrence to Laviska Shenault. The 2nd down pass to Shenault gains 11 and converts the first. James Robinson runs for 6 and again for no gain. On 3rd and 4, Lawrence hits Marvin Jones for 5 and the first. After a false start, Robinson runs for 5 and the deep pass for John Brown goes incomplete. On 3rd and 10, the pass for Shenault is off-target. Jaguars punt and Atlanta takes over on their 19.

Atlanta’s second drive begins with a run by Patterson for 4. Ryan is then sacked for a 7 yard loss and on 3rd and 13 the short pass to Mike Davis gains 18 and the first. Patterson then explodes for 19 on the ground and Wayne Gallman adds another big 15 on the ground. Gallman runs again for just 1, and Ryan connects with Tajae Sharpe for 13 and the first. Patterson runs again for another big gain of 11 and finishes the drive with a 7 yard touchdown run.

Falcons 7, Jaguars 0

After a nice return to their 28, the Jaguars offense begins with a 6 yard run by Robinson as we head to the end of the quarter.

Falcons 7, Jaguars 0

Second quarter

Robinson runs for 3 and 9 to keep the drive going. Dan Arnold takes the pass for 9 yards but is injured on the play. Robinson runs for 7 and the first and again for 3. Duron Harmon then picks off Lawrence at the Atlanta 2, ending the Jacksonville drive.

Matt Ryan sneaks for 1 yard, hits Parker Hesse for 7 yards and on 3rd and 2, the pass to Davis gains nothing. Atlanta lines up to punt, but the Jags jump offsides and give Atlanta the first down. Patterson then erupts up the middle for a run of 27 and runs again for 4 more. Ryan has to throw away the 2nd down pass and on 3rd and 6, Ryan and Patterson can’t connect. Falcons punt.

Jags start with a pass to Robinson for 8 and on the run by Robinson, he fumbles it and Atlanta recovers.

Matt Ryan starts the drive on the short field with an incomplete pass intended for Kyle Pitts. On 3rd and 10 after a batted away 3nd down pass, Ryan connects with Gage for just 4. Younghoe Koo comes on and punches in the 43 yard field goal, but a leverage penalty on Jacksonville gifts Atlanta the first down and the drive continues. Patterson then finishes the drive with a 12 yard run for the touchdown.

Falcons 14, Jaguars 0

From their 27, the Jags start with a run for 8 by Trevor Lawrence. Lawrence then connects with Chris Manhertz for 11 and the first. Lawrence throws incomplete on 1st down and Dante Fowler breaks through for a sack fumble that Jacksonville recovers. On 3rd and 22, Shenault takes the short pass for 24 yards and the first. Carlos Hyde runs for 9 and again for no gain and on 3rd and 1, Lawrence keeps it for 4 and the first. Shenault is stopped cold for no gain by Richie Grant and Lawrence then hits Marvin Jones for 21 to setup 1st and goal from the Atlanta 9. Shenault loses 2 on the first down pass after a great tackle by Darren Hall. Lawrence throws incomplete to Dare Ogunbowale and on 3rd and goal, the pass to Laquon Treadwell gains 8 but is short. The Jaguars take the short field goal to put points on the board.

Falcons 14, Jaguars 3

With two timeouts, 45 seconds and the ball on the 24, the Atlanta offense starts with a short pass to Davis for 7. Ryan is then picked off by Tyson Campbell on the pass intended for Kyle Pitts.

Lawrence hits Jones for a quick 9 yard gain, then incomplete twice. On 4th down, Lawrence has to throw it away and we’re mercifully taken to halftime.

Halftime: Falcons 14, Jaguars 3

Third quarter

The Jaguars offense starts from their 21 with a run by Robinson for 4. Lawrence connects with Tavon Austin for 14 and the first. Robinson runs for 4 and 3 and on 3rd and 3, Lawrence challenges A.J. Terrell and loses. Jags punt and pin Atlanta at their 12.

Ryan starts the drive with a pass to Gage for 15 and the first. Patterson runs for 4 and Ryan connects with Keith Smith for 10 and another first. Ryan’s pass to Patterson connects for a 20 yard gain. Gallman runs for 2 and Ryan finally connects with Pitts for a big 19 yard gain and the first. Gallman runs for 1, Zaccheaus takes the quick pass for 5 and on 3rd and 4, Ryan hits Gage for the 12 yard touchdown.

Falcons 21, Jaguars 3

After the touchback, the Jags offense starts with a run by Hyde for 2 yards. After an incomplete pass, on 3rd and 8, the pass to Jim O’Shaughnessy gains 5 and the Jaguars punt. After a short return, the Falcons get the ball on their 27.

The Falcons start their drive with a run by Patterson for 2 and again for 7 more. Patterson runs again on 3rd and 1 but can’t convert and Atlanta goes 3 and out. Jags take over on their 28 after the punt and return.

Lawrence kicks off their drive with a 14 yard pass to Treadwell. The pass to Robinson loses 5 yards as Ade Ogundeji blows it up. Robinson then runs it for 12 and on 3rd and 3, Robinson runs for 7 and the first. Lawrence misses deep on 1st down, Robinson runs for 9 and Lawrence runs for 7 and the first. O’Shaughnessy picks up 21 on the pass to setup 1st and goal from the Atlanta 7. Lawrence then connects with Austin for the touchdown. The Jags go for 2 and convert on the pass to O’Shaughnessy.

Falcons 21, Jaguars 11

A nice return by Avery Williams puts Atlanta on their 29. Mike Davis kicks off the drive with a 7 yard run as we head to the final quarter.

Falcons 21, Jaguars 11

Fourth quarter

On 2nd and 3 from the Atlanta 36, Ryan connects with Gage for 8 and the first. Ryan connects with him again for 14 more. Patterson runs for 1 and after an incomplete pass, on 3rd and 9 Ryan’s pass is behind Pitts and Atlanta punts. Atlanta pins the Jags at their 10.

The Jags drive starts with an 11 yard gain by Treadwell. Robinson runs for 3 then Lawrence hits Robinson short who then takes it for 26. Hyde loses a yard on the run and Lawrence then runs for a 10 to setup 3rd and 1. Hyde then runs for 2 and the first. Treadwell then takes a pass for 20 to the Atlanta 19. After a false start, Lawrence runs for 10 and Hyde adds 4 more on the ground. On 3rd and 1 from the Atlanta 10, Robinson runs it for 4 to setup 1st and goal from the Atlanta 6. Offensive holding sets up 1st and goal from the Atlanta 16. Lawrence throws it away on 1st down, misses Treadwell on 2nd down and throws it away on 3rd down. Jacksonville takes the easy 3 to reduce the Falcons lead to 7.

Falcons 21, Jaguars 14

From their 21, the Atlanta offense starts with a run by Patterson for 2. After a false start by Kaleb McGary sets up 2nd and 13, Ryan connects with Sharpe for a 9 yard gain. On 3rd and 4, Ryan connects with Pitts for 7 and the first. Patterson runs for 6 and 2 and on 3rd and 2, the pass for Davis goes incomplete, but defensive holding gives Atlanta the first down. Davis runs for 5 and 2 and on 3rd and 3, Ryan can’t connect with Zaccheaus. With a little over 2 minutes left, Atlanta punts and after the return, Jacksonville takes over on their 18.

With 1 timeout and 2:14 left, the Jags offense starts with a pass to O’Shaughnessy for just 3. The 2nd down pass goes incomplete and on 3rd and 7, Lawrence connects with Marvin Jones for 8 and the first with 1:35 left. The first down pass and second down pass both go incomplete and on 3rd and 10, the deep pass for Treadwell is too high. On 4th and 10, Lawrence can’t connect with Shenault and it’s a turnover on downs.

Atlanta takes the victory formation to close us out.

Final: Falcons 21, Jaguars 14