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What is the defining game or moment of the Falcons - Jaguars series?

It’s not a fun one, but it is a win.

Atlanta Falcons v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

As defining moments go, this is going to be a lackluster one. The Falcons and Jaguars have only played seven times in the regular season since the Jaguars came into existence back in 1995, and thus the opportunities for some brilliant defining moment have been few and far better.

It has also been a pretty even series, with the Falcons winning four of those seven matchups, including their last three stretching back to 2011. We’re hoping they run that streak to four games this coming Sunday, but in the meantime, we’re looking backwards and not forward here.

Given the relatively ho-hum nature of the series between these two teams and their not-so-august histories within the NFL, we’re choosing a whole game as our moment. The one I’ve picked is from 2015, a lost season for the Falcons and Jaguars alike, and feature some of the most room temperature football you can possibly imagine.

Matt Ryan and Blake Bortles each threw one touchdown and one interception on that December afternoon. Devonta Freeman and Denard Robinson combined for 39 carries and 97 yards, and aside from a characteristically terrific day from Julio Jones, the offense left much to be desired. The day came down to replacement kicker Shayne Graham’s leg, and his six points in the fourth quarter—the only points either team scored, mind you—proved decisive in a 23-17 victory for Atlanta.

There are big moments here, of course, but I think this sums up the history between these two teams in the regular season pretty neatly. What would you nominate?