Should we move on from Matt..for Matt's sake?

I often say that I am the #1Fan/apologist for Matt Ryan but that doesn't make me a "Fanboy". You all know that I have never minced words when he or any Falcon has played poorly. He has had some good and bad moments but many of them are tied to one of the worst collections of offensive linemen in this generation. 3-first rounders and 2 3rd round picks that collectively play like undrafted free agents. They are getting the guy massacred on a weekly basis and there is only so much a 36 year-old body can withstand. There is no hope on the horizon this season and the smart bet is that they will try (as did the Quinn regime) to prove that they made the right choices. That means they will probably ignore the flailing (and failing) of Kaleb McGary and chalk up Jalen Mayfield to rookie growing pains while attributing the constant decimation of Matt Hennessy to his being a first-year starter and not his obvious lack of functional strength. If not, they will attempt to open the competition to Drew Dalman, yet another undersized and underpowered uninspired choice.

The problem with this misplaced belief is that it increases the possibility of disaster as it relates to Ryan. He has miraculously survived a merciless beating over the last 3 years but that is purely good fortune. Although I would hate to see him leave and there may be years before we see his like here again but it may be time to roll the dice. Maybe, just maybe they should explore taking the epic hit next season as did Philadelphia this year with Carson Wentz. It is coming, whether or not the band-aid is ripped off next season or spread over the next two, it is inescapable.

Ryan has been a soldier for the Falcons and as I frequently refer to him: "Company Matt". For this reason we should explore trading him to a team that is a player away, like the 49ers who are waiting for Trey Lance to be ready, just as an example. The point is to not ship him to just anyone but to a team that has a chance. This team CLEARLY is nowhere near competing for a championship and probably won't be without a two to three-year overhaul. Matt, in all probability, is not a realistic part of that as much as they say so and most of us want to believe. The #1 reason why Drew Brees and Tom Brady played into their forties is because neither took annual beatings because of their coaches realization that their successes hinged on making their protection paramount. They have given lip service to that mandate here but have habitually plugged key holes, such as left guard and now center, with mediocre to substandard "talent" (Schweitzer, Person, Garland, Brown, Carpenter, Fusco).

The sooner we face facts and turn a sad ending page on the Falcons career of a heroic icon who has given us all he has for 14 seasons and one of the few all-time greats in team history, the better for both parties. As a child I remembered Steve Bartkowski and have seen countless others flounder but none will be as great as Matt Ryan.

As I said, it will be a sad day for me but it may be necessary for all parties concerned and above all, I understand. He deserves better and right now, so do we all.

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