3rd and 1 - 4th and 1

How long will we be subjected to failing in these obvious situations?

It's as if the current roster and staff does not understand nor care that the history of the franchise is to continually disappoint in these basic critical football situations where it is required to push your opponent back to create enough space to simply keep the ball.

How can the opposition (no matter who it is) have more fire/pride/desire/skill than we do? For umpteen years?

Until our leadership says "we will not be THAT team"... nothing will change.

This offseason, our GM should draft the best center, guard, & nose tackle they can.

Next offseason, they should draft the best defensive tackle, offensive tackle & edge rusher they can.

The following offseason, they should get a NEW QB who can bring the same energy that Matt Ryan did in 2008.

If Arthur Smith can not get it done after this- then please hire the next Head Coach who can win it all.

Thank you all, I feel a tiny bit better than I did before writing this.

Go Falcons!

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