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Falcons 0, Patriots 25: Atlanta’s offense stumbles to an ugly loss

The Falcons defense played well. It’s too bad the offense couldn’t hold up their end of the bargain.

NFL: New England Patriots at Atlanta Falcons Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Coming off a complete beatdown in Dallas, the Falcons look to bounce back against a red hot New England Patriots team that has won 4 in a row on the back of excellent rookie QB Mac Jones. The late scratch of Cordarelle Patterson was a huge blow to a Falcons offense that rotates around him and rookie TE Kyle Pitts. Did Atlanta get back on track?

First quarter

After Atlanta won the toss and deferred, the Patriots offense started from their 25 with a pass from Mac Jones to Jakobi Meyers for a gain of 5. The run by Damien Harris gains 1 and on 3rd and 4, Hunter Henry draws the pass interference penalty on Erik Harris and the easy first down. Damien Harris runs for 1, the quick pass to N’Keal Harry gains 5 and the run by Brandon Bolden only gains 1 forcing the fourth down. Patriots punt and down it at the Atlanta 4.

Matt Ryan and the Falcons start their drive with a run by Mike Davis for just 1 yard. An illegal formation sets up 2nd and 12 and Qadree Ollison runs for 3 to setup 3rd and 9. Ryan’s pass for Kyle Pitts is broken up and Atlanta punts.

From their 34, New England starts with a pass to Jonnu Smith for a gain of 17. Rhamondre Stevenson then runs it for a big 21 yard gain. He runs again for 3, Kendrick Bourne picks up 6 on the pass and Jones sneaks it for 2 and the first. Jones scrambles for 1, Stevenson picks up 2 on the ground and on 3rd and 7 from the Atlanta 14, Jones is not able to connect with Henry and the Pats settled for the short field goal.

Falcons 0, Patriots 3

After Avery Williams returns it but a penalty brings it back to the Atlanta 10, Ryan passes to Davis for a quick 6 yard gain. Wayne Gallman losses 3 on the ground and on 3rd and 7, Ryan connects with Russell Gage for a gain of 12 and the first. Another Gage catch gains just 1, the pass intended for Tajae Sharpe is defended well and on 3rd and 9, the pass for Sharpe doesn’t connect. Atlanta punts and the Pats take over on their 24.

Mac Jones kicks off their drive with a 9 yard pass to Harry and Damien Harris then runs it for 14 and again for 17. After defensive holding gifts the first down, we get to the end of the quarter.

Falcons 0, Patriots 3

Second quarter

With 1st and 10 on the Atlanta 29, Jones passes to Harris for a gain of 8 who then runs for 2 and the first. Jones finishes the drive with a touchdown pass to Nelson Agholor.

Falcons 0, Patriots 10

After Avery Williams returns the kickoff to the 21, the Atlanta offense starts with a pass to Gage for 9. Keith Smith picks up the first with a 3 yard run. Ryan hits Gage again for 7 and he is then sacked by Kyle Van Noy on 2nd down. On 3rd and 6, Ryan connects with Olamide Zaccheaus for a gain of 9 and the first. Davis runs for no gain and the pass to him goes incomplete. On 3rd and 10, Ryan hits Zaccheaus for 9 to setup 4th and 1 from the New England 45. Qadree Ollison runs it for 10 and the first. He runs again for 12 and then 2. Ryan hits Pitts for 7 and on 3rd and 1, Ryan is sacked by Van Noy again. Koo comes on for the field goal and punches it in, but a penalty calls it back and he misses on the 2nd attempt.

The New England drive starts with a sack of Mac Jones by Foye Oluokun that loses 14 yards. The pass to Bourne gains 12 of those back and on 3rd and 12, the screen to Bolden gains 6 and the Patriots opt to punt and Atlanta gets it at their 14.

Qadree Ollison runs for 1, he takes the pass for no gain and on 3rd and 9, Ryan is sacked for the 3rd time for a loss of 9 yards. Atlanta punts.

After a great punt and a penalty on the Pats sets them up on their 32, the pass to Bolden picks up 9. The short pass to Bourne gains 5 more and the first. Jones passes to Meyers for 18 and Agholor for 6. Jones is then sacked by Darren Hall for a loss of 7 yards. Jones then hits Meyers for 10 to setup 4th and 1 from the Atlanta 27. They punch in the 44 yard field goal to extend the lead and take us to the half.

Falcons 0, Patriots 13

Third quarter

After the return brings it out to the Atlanta 17, the Falcons offense starts with an incomplete pass. A false start sets up 2nd and 15 and Ryan’s deep pass to Sharpe draws pass interference for 19 yards and the first. After another false start, Davis runs for no gain and the pass for Ollison falls incomplete. On 3rd and 15, Ryan hits Davis for a gain of 10. Falcons punt and after the return, the Patriots take over on their 27.

Damien Harris runs for 5 and offensive holding sets up 2nd and 15. The pass to Hunter Henry picks up 10 and on 3rd and 5, the pass for Meyers goes incomplete. Patriots punt.

From their 19, the Atlanta offense begins with an Ollison run for 2 and a pass to him that gains no yards. On 3rd and 8, Ryan can’t connect with Gage. Punt!

From their 17, Stevenson kicks it off with a 13 yard run. He runs again for a 1 yard loss and takes a pass for 6. On 3rd and 5, Jones hits Meyers for 6 and the first. Stevenson runs for 7 and is stopped for a 2 yard loss by Ade Ogundeji. Jones then hits Henry for 15 to keep the drive alive. Mac Jones is then picked off by A.J. Terrell, who returns it 34 yards to setup the offense on their 48.

The Falcons offense starts with a pass to Pitts for 6 yards. Ryan hits Zaccheaus for 5 and the first. Keith Smith runs for 5 and then takes the pass for 11 and the first. Ollison runs for 5 and Sharpe takes the pass for 4. On 3rd and 1, Smith runs it for no gain to setup 4th and 1 from the New England 16. Atlanta goes for it and Ollison runs it but can’t convert. Turnover on downs.

From their 16, the Pats offense gets going with a Harris run for 5. After an incomplete pass, on 3rd and 5, the short pass to Agholor gains just 3 and brings us to the end of the quarter.

Falcons 0, Patriots 13

Fourth quarter

The Pats punt to kick off the quarter. Ryan is sacked to start the drive for a loss of 7. Ryan then hits Gage for a 19 yard gain and the first. Ollison loses 1 on the run and Ryan connects with Pitts for 16 and another first. Ryan is then picked off by Devin McCourty.

From their 22, the Pats offense starts with a run by Stevenson for 12. Meyers draws the PI penalty from Fabian Moreau for 20 yards and the first. After holding sets up 1st and 20, Bourne takes the 1st down pass for 19 and Jones sneaks for the first down. Harris runs for 10 and again for no gain. Jones pass to Agholor gains 2 and on 3rd and 8, Erik Harris and Dante Fowler get home and sack Jones for a loss of 12. Patriots make the 53-yard field goal.

Falcons 0, Patriots 16

After a nice return by Zaccheaus puts them on their 28, the Atlanta offense starts with a pass to Sharpe for 17 yards. The pass to Davis gains 3 and a pass intended for Olamide Zaccheaus is tipped and intercepted.

From their 49, the Patriots offense starts with a run by Stevenson for 4 and again for 1. On 3rd and 5, Jones connects with Agholor for 10 and the first. Stevenson runs for 6 and an Atlanta penalty gifts the first down. Stevenson runs for 2 and Bourne runs it for 7. Jones sneaks it but can’t convert. They punch in the short field goal to extend the lead.

Falcons 0, Patriots 19

After Williams returns it to the Atlanta 30, Josh Rosen comes out and hits Parker Hesse for 5. After an incomplete pass, on 3rd and 5 Rosen throws it right to Kyle Van Noy who brings it back for a touchdown.

Falcons 0, Patriots 25

Starting again from their 23, Feleipe Franks throws a pick. Drink!

Final: Falcons 0, Patriots 25