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Falcoholinks: All the Falcons news you need for Tuesday, Nov. 16

Rounding up the saddest news of Monday.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Dallas Cowboys Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Falcons fans are in a bad spot right now. Atlanta had the worst loss of the weekend and there is no hope in sight. Maybe Calvin Ridley returns soon, but he can’t come back before Thursday’s game. Thursday’s game is, of course, against the New England Patriots. I won’t call the Patriots a rival (to be a rival, the Falcons would need to win every once in awhile) however, that is a team I do not like. That team is also playing really good football.

Atlanta standing a chance is certainly remote. Their best chance is a child prays for the Falcons to win the Super Bowl in an effort to reunite the child’s family, only for such wish to be granted and angels invisibly help the Falcons make more plays, starring Tony Danza and Danny Glover. Their second best chance is Deion Jones makes a downhill tackle and Russell Gage catches a football.

Oof, this a tough week indeed. Let’s see what’s going on.

What the hell happened

Dave Choate skipped the “bad” and just went with the “ugly” in his recap. If you are still searching for answers on this Tuesday, I would check this out. If you need to take a step back and wonder what fans should expect from this team in the future, out podcast with David Walker and Evan Birchfield is a good start. Sunday’s loss can be the death blow to the hope for some sort of post-season success, as Cory Woodroof says this team just isn’t in the same league as the better teams.

Patterson ain’t playing Thursday

We do not know a whole lot about Cordarrelle Patterson’s injury. He didn’t play for the entire second half of Sunday’s game. We know the Falcons are still having his ankle evaluated, but the expectation is he will miss at least a few games. No reporter is even suggesting he could suit up on this short week. The Falcons need someone, anyone other than Kyle Pitts to step up on Thursday.

Wayne Gallman looks good

With all of the preseason hype on Mike Davis, it is wild that halfway through the season it was Patterson who became a great addition with late addition Wayne Gallman seemingly making his way into a backup spot. The distribution of touches between Gallman and Davis are unknown, however, Gallman looks like the more effective back.

The Falcons are underdogs

Watch this line get even bigger the closer we get to kickoff. For some reason, the Vegas line had Thursday’s match-up under a touchdown. That sounds optimistic.