Concerns, worries

Hello all,

this is not a reaction to the Dallas game, more of a set of observations now that we are more than halfway through the year:

1) Smith has coaching issues. I remember when we used to blast Koetter (rightfully so) for not adjusting his play calling as the game went on. Smith appears to do the same to me. Couple that with some questionable decision making, refusal to play starters in the preseason and its a worrisome trend of less than stellar coaching.

2) Deon Jones, Kaleb McGary- they have both fallen off of a cliff. Why? Is it scheme fit? Or lack thereof? Jones is particularly worrisome as he carries a heavy cap hit.

3) The major lack of talent. I did not realize our roster was this bad. We need 8-10 NFL level starters. That is basically a third to half of our starters. We need: LG, RT, RB 1, WR 1, WR 2 (Ridley is all but gone, wish him well with his health and Gage is not a WR 2), DT, DEx2, MLB, CB2 at a minimum. That will not be fixed in one off season, probably not two.

4) The terrible Cap situation, i read where someone said we are in better shape next year because we will be 15 million under the cap.. About 10 of that will go for the rookie class. We also need about 15-20 more players just to have a full roster. You think signing 15-20 guys with 5 million or so will bring a lot of talent to this team? I also heard someone say "well, we can cut some guys". Ok, but then we need to fill their spots as well.

5) our record-4-5, with 3 of our four wins coming against some of the worst teams in the NFL. That is fools gold, as for the win against New Orleans, that was against their third string QB, not inspiring.

i do not mean to be all gloom and doom, but this team simply is not good right now. We better nail the upcoming drafts, we need a huge infusion of young cheap talent, i hope Smith figures it out, i was a fan of his hiring, not jumping ship on him, but he looks overmatched.

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