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Falcons fan confidence remains high despite facing the Cowboys this weekend

Beating the Saints in New Orleans will never, ever get old.

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Winning against a hated rival is always good for your spirits. Beating them in their own home is even better. Beating them after you’ve blown a huge 4th quarter lead but pulling off a last second comeback with 1 minute left in the game? Well, that’s how the Atlanta Falcons like to do it. The latest SB Nation Reacts survey shows Atlanta fan confidence is high even as a tough matchup against the Dallas Cowboys looms.

Funny enough, even though fan confidence is sitting strong at 78%, that’s actually down two straight weeks. It was at it’s highest all year before week 8 at 93% (and the Carolina stinker) and was at a respectable 82% going into the Saints game. Still, that’s nothing to sneeze at and the Atlanta Falcons do sit at 4-4 and are still in the playoff hunt.

Who are the players that fans think are doing the most to keep that confidence relatively high? Unless you’ve been in a coma, the offensive MVP should be no surprise. Running back/wide receiver/kick returner/offensive weapons/defensive matchup nightmare Cordarelle Patterson leads the list with 51% of the vote.

Only two other Falcons registered meaningful votes. Quarterback Matt Ryan pulled in a respectable 44% and rookie tight end Kyle Pitts garnered the remaining 5%. Seeing as how these are the only guys producing at a high-level right now, all of this makes perfect sense.

The defense came down to just two players, which should also be the least surprising thing to any Falcons fan. Second year corner A.J. Terrell has come into his own and Atlanta fans are noticing. He grabbed 56% of the votes with Grady Jarrett grabbing the remaining 44%.

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