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Falcoholinks: All the Falcons news you need for Friday, Oct. 8


NFL: London Games- Tottenham Hotspur Stadium Views Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The 1-3 Atlanta Falcons have arrived in London for a far-too-early game against another struggling team on Sunday, the 1-3 New York Jets. We’ve got some links to prepare you for this international affair.

Jets on deck for Sunday

The Atlanta Falcons are taking on the New York Jets on Sunday in the NFL’s first London game of the season, being hosted at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. The Falcons don’t have particularly fond memories across the pond, as their last London tilt involved the Detriot Lions mounting a 21-0 comeback to seal the win in 2014.

Let’s hope this one goes ... differently than that.

Unfortunately for Atlanta, they have a number of players who will miss this contest — including wide receiver Calvin Ridley, who we will get to in a moment.

A comparison of the offensive and defensive stats through four weeks gives the Falcons a slight advantage, but who knows what an already scattershot offense looks like without wide receivers Russell Gage and Calvin Ridley.

It’s the Falcons, and it’s a Sunday, and it’s on another continent. Let’s enjoy mimosas and the madness.

Calvin Ridley misses the trip

As of this morning, no additional information is available, but wide receiver Calvin Ridley did not join the team on the London trip due to what they’ve described as “a personal matter.”

There have been no further details, but Calvin Ridley will not be playing on Sunday. This clearly leaves Atlanta’s wide receiving corps in a big-time bind as they’re already without Russell Gage, who was ruled out due to an ankle injury.

Wishing the best for Ridley.

Koo for kickoffs

Falcons field goal kicker Younghoe Koo puts footballs through uprights on a pretty regular basis, and in the wake of Cameron Nizialek’s hamstring injury, he’ll be handling kickoffs as well.

Veteran kicker Dustin Colquitt, recently added to the active roster, will be staked with punting duties this week.