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Falcons are 3 point favorites against the Jets in London

At this point, it probably just says more about the Jets than anything else.

NFL Media Day Photo by Charlie Crowhurst/Getty Images

In an effort to drum up attention in the NFL over in Europe, the NFL is showcasing two one-win teams in London. Falcons fans get the honor of waking up early to watch their this team that is struggling to win at home trying to win at a neutral site if the players can overcome jet lag.

The Falcons are nearly allergic to wins, however, the good news is the Jets are still figuring out their team under a new coaching staff as well. Highlighted by that is rookie quarterback Zach Wilson. He has had a number of low games but popped on Sunday against Tennessee for nearly 300 passing yards and 2 touchdowns.

However, Vegas is not that optimistic about Wilson maintaining that performance. The Falcons are 3 point favorites against New York at the neutral site, per Draft Kings Sportsbook. The spread shrunk since early this week when it opened a at 3.5 points. The Falcons, so far, have only narrowly beaten the spread once after a 17-14 win over the New York Giants where the line moved Atlanta to a 2.5 point favorite.

It means betting on the Falcons is a good way to lose money. At 3 points, Atlanta would need to match its biggest win of the season after crossing the pond. That will be a tough task for any team considering the international game. London games are usually messy. Getting a whole team to London is a logistical nightmare, sleep schedules get messed up, the team eats some bad British food, then kickoff at 9:30am. You can understand why teams rarely look sharp.

That makes the low over/under make sense at only 46. This may be a tough battle on that over/under between the movable object that is the Falcons defense vs. a stoppable force that is the Jets offense.