Nothing changes

I have been a fan since the Falcons beginning in 1965. My dad worked for them part time in the early years and we would go on Sundays and sit in the club level and watch all the home games. So I can truly say I have seen it all. But Sunday for Arthur Smith to pull a Dan Quinn with 3 minutes left in the game and then in his press conference to say he called those plays because Davis gives him ball security, that is a load of crap. Patterson was the offensive MVP for 3 quarters and Smith does not even use him in the 4th quarter that is just plain stupid and not knowing what to do. Smith does not have the experience to be an HC. His only experience is 2 yrs as the Titans OC and before that he was mostly a quality control coach (What ever the hell that is) or asst. coach. Every time the camera focused on Smith he was looking at his play sheet and he looked like a deer in the headlights. If this is your system you should know the plays and what to call in most situations and obviously he does not as evident with the 2 runs and short screen with 3 minutes left. You started out the day being some what aggressive with your play calling and then you run scared and you go so conservative that there was no way in hell you were going to win that game. So the bottom line is Arthur Smith is not HC material. When you do nothing but second guess yourself and trying not to lose the game you will never be head coach material. Also Pees is supposed to be this great defensive mind and yes I know we are lacking talent on that side of the ball but it is his job to coach these players on how to play within his system and it looks to me like all they are doing is running zone defense. Correct me if I'm wrong but you have a backup QB and we are not blitzing this guy. Pees is asking the front 4 to make sacks. Granted Fowler tried and that's the best I seen him play since he's been with Atlanta but you have to bring more than just the front 4. If I remember correctly we were told when Pees was hired that his defense would be blitzing from every where and the opposing offense wouldn't know where it's coming from. So far that has been nothing more than hype for bringing in a coach that was retired. Well I say go back to retirement he's done nothing to put this group in position to play effectively. If the guys on the field are not doing the job then replace them. Do something, just don't sit there with what you have on the field and hope it gets better because that never works out. Perfect example are two of our guys in the end zone and they stand there and watch McKissic catch that ab-libbed 30 yd pass to win the game. Inexcusable and I blame that as much on coaching as I do the players. Oh and by the way McKissic used to be a Falcon but Quinn and those idiots released him, go figure. The Falcons could have had an upgrade to the defense last week but instead sat there and did nothing and let Richard Sherman be picked up by Tampa and they just made their team even better. Yes I know he is on the end of his career but he would have helped this team on and off the field by being a mentor to the younger players in the secondary and showing them how to play the position. But who ever said the Falcons were smart. I will just about guarantee the Falcons will leave London with another lose to another bad team and when they do don't blame Matt Ryan because he does not deserve it when he puts up 30 pts and Smith decides that ball security in the last 2 minutes of the game is more important than letting Ryan and Patterson go win it. Then an only then will everyone finally figure out that Smith and Pees have to go. Sorry for the long vent but after 55 years of watching this franchise make every idiotic and stupid move there is to make and then pull some moves that even surprises me you would think that someone over there in Flowery Branch would have figured out how to correct it by now. Our new GM has been with a winning franchise at New Orleans and seen what Sean Payton and his staff have accomplished over the years. Some bad but mostly good. Now it's time for Fontenot to look at our players and make some adjustments. He is suppose to be this great talent evaluator and he did bring Patterson here who by the way has been very impressive. So now Terry needs to look at our defensive players and make some adjustments. There is probably a couple of guys who could play a lot better than who is on the field right now. If he is that good at spotting talent then it can't hurt. Because doing the same thing over and over again on game day and expecting a different result is the definition of Insane but I say just plain stubborn stupidity.

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