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Falcoholinks: All the Falcons news you need for Tuesday, Oct. 5

The Falcons went down and so did Facebook.

Annual Allen And Co. Meeting In Sun Valley Draws CEO’s And Business Leaders To The Mountain Resort Town Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

We are still working through our emotions at the Falcoholinks. The Falcons lost again. But this time it was real bad. Atlanta looked really good, crisp, and competent. Then came the nearly impossible series of errors, failures and mind-numbing decisions.

It was like Super Bowl 51 Zero — Same great flavor, less shock or surprise because honestly we have seen this so many times before.

The power of Christ compels you?

In line with it being spooky season, our Dave Choate likens these Falcons to a ghostly possession. This team has been haunted with catastrophic failure for some time, meaning we need Terry Fontenot and Arthur Smith to do the unthinkable and exorcise the choke out of this franchise.

There is one very bright spot new to Atlanta

Not much has worked out for the Falcons this offseason. It lost Julio Jones. The entire draft class has been struggling to make a positive impact despite the team’s lack of talent. The free agents haven’t been notable... except for Cordarrelle Patterson. Man oh man, I did not expect Patterson to have a career-year on this side of 30. He’s been the one fantasy football player to own all season. He’s also currently the top pick for game MVP.

The offense looked better but that is the end of the positives

Take one last walk through a painful recap. The run game and passing game finally looked ready to compete. For a change of pace, the defense and special teams dropped the game. Perhaps the team was in the throwback mood and brought it back to 2020: the offense put up points and nothing else worked.

Check out the podcap with a slew of Falcoholics, including David Walker, Evan Birchfield, and Cory Woodroof. Enjoy a pinch of anger, disappointment, and frustration after another game with a familiar ending.

Matt Ryan was suddenly effective

In our 3 Up, 3 Down, Falcons QB Matt Ryan was finally up. It was a slow first few weeks for Ryan. Sunday was different, which you can tell just from his 4 touchdown, 0 interception state line. His arm strength is not quite there, yet, he showed he can be effective in this offense. Now if only we could cut down on the sudden outbreak of drops.