To-do list for now that the season is officially over

1. Get Calvin Ridley out of here before his value completely plummets. Dude isn’t shit without Julio and it’s showing every Sunday. Trade him for as much value as you can as can

2. Trade Deion Jones to. He’s completely regressed the last three years. Can’t make tackles, can’t cover anyone, etc.

3. Get us a Veteran HC who’s proven himself and knows what he’s doing (aka Jim Harbaugh). Imagine drafting a TE at 4 and not even knowing how to use him

4. Take George Pickens in the first round. Rest of the draft needs to be dedicated to the trenches

5. On another note: AS’s play calling makes Sark, DK, and Mularkey all look elite. Enough said. This guy has done absolutely nothing to show that he’s cut out for this job. Shows you what daddy’s money, along with being employed by probably the worst owner in football can do for you.

6. The media in this city has played a role in the team’s performance in recent years. Too soft on the losers. Let em have it on the radio, call them out, trash guys the way they do up in the Northeast and even in Knoxville when the Vols aren’t doing well.

To all the fans, I was proud to see all of the empty seats at the Benz today. It shows that unlike the delusional homers in Philly, Cleveland, Buffalo, and Oakland/Vegas, we will not put up with any BS. We’re not soft in the A. If you play well, love our city, and win games, we will support you. If not, we will not have your back. That’s the message that every player, coach, and executive needs to know. That if they don’t win, we will not have your back. Straight up. If 2025 rolls around and things are still this bad if not worse, whoever the mayor of this city is should give St. Louis and SD calls to see if they’d like an NFL team. They can leave and you know what, I’m not sure a single person here would miss them.

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