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Falcoholic Podcast: Recapping the painful loss to Washington

Only an Atlanta team would find a way to lose like that.

Washington Football Team v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

There are no moral victories in the NFL. A loss is a loss, and one like this will leave a bad taste in the mouth of fans, coaches and players. That said, when you’re a team rebuilding for the future, the progress you make in key areas matters, and Atlanta may be making progress even as they fail to close out games like this.

I was joined by Evan Birchfield and Cory Woodroof to talk about the stats and implications of this game. It was a mix of positive and dour and is probably reflective of where many fans are at. Topics discussed include:

  • Where the Atlanta defense is right now and why it simply can’t be trusted to close out games
  • The injury to Isaiah Oliver and why it had a bigger impact than many think
  • The lack of a pass rush past Grady Jarrett and Dante Fowler and why this must be fixed over the next year or two
  • The numerous dropped interceptions that could have turned this game
  • The progress of the offensive line and why it should be seen as a sign of progress for this offensive unit
  • The rough play of Calvin Ridley and why he must do better going forward
  • The improved play calling and the simultaneous disaster that was the final few minutes
  • So much more

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