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Falcons bring back K Elliott Fry once again, cut practice squad OL Ryan Neuzil

Neuzil will be back and Fry will be released again in the coming days.

NFL: Preseason-Carolina Panthers at Chicago Bears Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

How many times can the Falcons add Elliott Fry to their practice squad and then cut ties with him again in a single season? It’s going to be a very large number by the end of the year, let’s put it that way.

Fry is back again, and this time practice squad guard Ryan Neuzil is out to make way for him. As nothing in the universe is truly permanent, these two moves are unlikely to stick beyond this weekend, with Neuzil a virtual lock to re-join the practice squad early next week and Fry likely being cut after the game. Then we’ll do it all over again next weekend.

Fry, as we’ve written many times before, is essentially the team’s emergency kicker and punter option in case something happens between now and Sunday and they need to flex him to the roster. He’ll serve in that role all year unless someone else snaps him up, in all likelihood.

Neuzil is a promising rookie undrafted free agent who had spent the entire year on the practice squad to this point. Given the team’s still-shaky depth picture at guard and Neuzil’s evident promise after he bulldozed defenders in preseason, this isn’t the last we’ll see of him in Atlanta. I’d bet pretty heavily on him being in the mix for a roster spot in 2022 if another team doesn’t snag him between now and then.

Welcome Fry back (again) and let’s go Falcons.