7 Reasons Why Smartphone Gaming Is Actually a good alternative to console gaming

Smartphone gamingIf you want to enjoy online gaming, there are few options right in your hand, we are talking about mobile gaming . But first, you can think that some gambling can make you a little profit out of gaming, but you have to be extremely careful with that, there is no guarantee, although it can be fun.

This is no secret, there are tons of apps that you can download based on your preferences and on what you have most fun with. Even if you enjoy taking risks, there surely is a casino mobile experience that you can tackle.

The conventional wisdom is that the time spent playing smartphone games is wasted. The general belief is that there are some casual sports that get the brain moving, and if physical activity is involved, it's usually thumb training, and little else. But wait a minute. Does research consistently show that the benefits of video games far outweigh the perceived drawbacks? If it's a video game, shouldn't a smartphone game look the same? In fact, there are plenty of reasons why you might want to pick up your smartphone and go piggyback or play Words with Friends for a few minutes. Here are some examples:

1. Smartphone games teach problem solving

Smartphone games teach us to think. There are dozens of smartphone games specifically aimed at learning, but even the most basic games like Cut the Rope teach us to process vast amounts of data logically and quickly. For example, smartphone games require the player's constant input to tell a story, rather than passively absorbing the content of a television show.

2. Smartphone games are social

The stereotype of smartphone gamers as socially annoying teens is as old as Space Invaders. Many smartphone games have a thriving online and offline fan base and community components that drive strong social interactions.

3. Smartphone Games Provide Positive Growth

Most smartphone games are designed so that players can be successful and are rewarded for their success. A sports culture of varying skill levels and risks and rewards means not being afraid to fail and take advantage of many opportunities to reach your ultimate goal.

4. Smartphone games improve hand-eye coordination

Smartphone games help improve hand-eye coordination. Even if you don't want to be a surgeon or watchmaker, good hand-eye coordination is an invaluable skill.

5. Smartphone games teach strategic thinking

Smartphone games teach us to think objectively about both the game and our own performance. We get immediate feedback on our decisions and quickly learn our strengths and weaknesses.

6. Smartphone Games to Help You Relax

Is your day hard at work or do you need a few minutes to charge? Just play Temple Run or Minecraft for 15 minutes and it's exactly what your doctor ordered. Relax, kick your feet up, beat the top score, be happy and refreshed and get back to work!

7. Smartphone Games Connect Families

If you can't beat them, join them. Smartphone games aren't just for teenagers. Ask your child to teach you certain skills, or even better, reach a level of expertise where you can adopt them and beat them at their own game. Smartphone games can never replace Monopoly or Clues in Family Game Night, but they can be just as fun

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