Does this team have the potential to be better than we think?

You know that I'm not about hyperbole; you play well or if you stink, I will say so (some might say too abrasively but that's another discussion). Sure, I've been critical of Arthur Smith and Dean Pees and their playcalling but to be balanced when they called good games, that was recognized. Again, I was hyper-critical of Smith not playing starters all during preseason and if we are all honest, Smith included, that was a mistake and factored heavily into a slow beginning.

All of that being said, it COULD be possible that this team is rounding into a pretty decent squad. Why? Because Smith has seen how aggressive playcalling benefitted the team in London and he acknowledged the mistake of coaching passively versus the WFT. A team that by all rights should be 3-2 had an opportunity to defeat the Buccaneers and showed that it could close out a game.

The play calls were crisp and unpredictable; a line featuring rookie Jalen Mayfield and conundrum/enigma Kaleb McGary gave up ZERO sacks to a defense that sacked the Titans 7 times, who had an allegedly much better line. The defense won despite a super soft zone defense and rookies and castoffs patrolling the secondary. Bonus points: They didn't make an instant star out of Zach Wilson as they have done so numerous times in the past.

They won despite those mishaps that in the past most assuredly signaled doom: Fumbles in scoring position, shanked punts, kickoff returns, dropped passes and blown assignments. They even won without starter-quality wideouts!

What does all of this mean? That if this team continues to progress and not take 3 steps backwards as in the Quinn regime, then we may be on to something.

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