Predicting season record

Heading into the bye at 2-3, I wondered how the rest of the season will go. I see progress, especially on the offensive line and with Matt Ryan's comfort running this offense. If the defense can play decent and special teams does not implode, we could be looking at a winning season and sneak into the playoffs.

Looking at the remaining schedule, I think there are 3 games where the Falcons should be favored: Miami, Jags, Lions. There are 4 that, at this point, I think we can assume they will lose: Cowboys, Bucs, 49ers, Bills. And there are 5 toss-up games: Patriots, Carolina x 2, Saints x 2.

I have best-case record at 10-7. To get there they would need to sweep the Saints and Carolina, beat the Patriots, and take care of business vs. Miami, Jags, and Lions. I don't see this happening. Worst-case is 5-12. They beat the easy teams and lose all others. I don't want to think about this happening. I am going out on a limb and predicting 9-8. They split with Carolina and the Saints, take all 3 'easy' games, and find a way to beat the Patriots and Cowboys. Thoughts?

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