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Falcons 27, Jets 20: Atlanta overcomes numerous mistakes and injuries to get a critical win

A road home game against the Jets is just what the Falcons needed.

New York Jets v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images

The proud people in the UK have gotten yet another game featuring two struggling teams. Both the Falcons and Jets sit at 1-3 and the bottom of their respective divisions with new head coaches on the sidelines. Both teams came in with several key starters out for the day. Which team emerged victorious? Read on to find out.

First quarter

The Jets win the toss and defer. After the kickoff, the Falcons offense starts from their 25 with a pass from Matt Ryan to Kyle Pitts for no gain. Mike Davis runs for 10 and the first and again for 1. A deep shot to Hayden Hurst doesn’t connect and on 3rd and 9 Ryan draws a roughing the passer call. Cordarelle Patterson runs for 6, Tajae Sharpe can’t pull in the pass and Lee Smith picks up 3 to setup 4th and 1. Patterson converts with the run. Patterson’s option pass goes incomplete and Ryan hits Pitts on a slant for the first down. A short run by Davis and an incomplete pass sets up 3rd and 9. The screen pass to Davis loses yards and Atlanta settles for the short field goal.

Falcons 3, Jets 0

From the 25, the Jets offense starts with a run for 5, Zach Wilson running for 3 and an incomplete pass on 3rd down. The Jets go 3 and out.

After TJ Green takes out our punt returner, the Falcons offense starts from their 8 with a run and defensive holding for the first. Patterson runs for 9on 2nd, and Tajae Sharpe catches the pass for the first. Pitts picks up 18 on the slant. Patterson runs for 3 and Lee Smith picks up 22 and the first. Patterson makes a great catch to setup 1st and goal from the 2. Ryan finishes the drive with a TD pass to Kyle Pitts, his first in the NFL.

Falcons 10, Jets 0

After a good return by Tevin Coleman, the Jets offense starts on their 28 with an incomplete pass to Corey Davis. Michael Carter loses 3 on the run and on 3rd and 13 the pass to Ty Johnson picks up 10 and New York goes 3 and out again. The punt takes us to the end of the quarter.

Falcons 10, Jets 0

Second quarter

From the 23, Davis runs for 1 and Ryan hits Patterson for 12 and the first. Cordarelle runs for 4 and takes the quick pass for 5. Ryan hits Pitts, who makes an incredible one handed catch and the roughing call gives them 15 more. Patterson runs for no gain and the pass intended for him is batted away. On 3rd and 10 Matt Ryan hits Hayden Hurst for another touchdown.

Falcons 17, Jets 0

From their 25, Wilson throws incomplete and on 2nd and 10 Jaylinn Hawkins jumps the route and gets the interception!

The Falcons offense takes over on the Jets 34 and Ryan starts with a 5 yard pass to Lee Smith. Ryan completes the pass to Hayden Hurst, but he fumbles it away and the Jets recover.

On their 13, the Jets offense starts with a short run by Carter and a pass for 13 to Corey Davis for the first. Michael Carter runs for 7, Wilson throws it away and on 3rd and 3 Atlanta is flagged for defensive pass interference. Tevin Coleman runs for 3 and 5 and on 3rd and 2 Ty Johnson runs for the first. Ade Ogundeji blows up the first down pass for a short 1 yard gain and Wilson throws it out of bounds. On 3rd and 9 Wilson connects with Jamison Crowder for 13 and the first down. Carter runs for 9 and again for the first. An ugly incomplete pass by Wilson is followed by another and on 3rd and 10 the Jets can’t convert on the short pass to Davis. Jets take the short field goal to get on the board.

Falcons 17, Jets 3

Patterson returns the kickoff to the 24 and the offense comes on with just over 2 minutes left in the half. Cordarelle runs for 8, Ryan throws short and on 3rd and 2 Ryan hits Christian Blake for the first. Ryan to Davis gains 10 and he then runs it for 4. Ryan is nearly intercepted on the throw away and on 3rd and 6 the Jets are flagged for pass interference on Kyle Pitts. An incomplete pass to Davis and a drop by Blake sets up 3rd and 10. Ryan hits Pitts for 5 and Atlanta goes for the field goal. Younghoe Koo comes on for the 52 yarder and punches it in to finish the first half.

Falcons 20, Jets 3

Third quarter

The Jets offense starts the second half with a great return by Tevin Coleman to set them up on the Falcons 29. Michael Carter runs it for 7 and again for 7 more and the first. A run for no gain and a sweep by Braxton Berrios gains 6. Ty Johnson gets the first and takes it to the Falcons 3. Johnson runs for no gain and the Jets close out the drive with a run by Johnson for the touchdown. They miss the extra point because this is the Jets after all.

Falcons 20, Jets 9

After the touchback, the Atlanta offense starts with a run for 3 by Patterson. Ryan hits Patterson for 6 and they move the sticks. Hurst grabs the pass and fumbles it but it goes out of bounds. Zaccheaus can’t hold onto the 2nd down pass and on 3rd and 10 Ryan’s pass to Zaccheaus is dropped again. Atlanta has to punt. Colquitt’s punt is a poor one.

From their 36, the pass to Carter gains 15. Carter runs for a short gain and the 2nd down pass is off target. On 3rd and 9 the Jets stall out as the short pass to Ryan Griffin is well short. New York punts from midfield and Atlanta catches it at their 9.

Mike Davis picks up 17 on the run. He runs again for no gain and the 2nd down pass is batted down. On 3rd and 10 Ryan hits Tajae Sharpe on the sidelines to pick up the first. Davis runs for 5 and Sharpe takes the pass for 12 and the first. Wayne Gallman runs for 2, Blake takes the pass for 6 and Hurst picks up the first. Davis runs and fumbles it and the Jets recover.

From their 20, the Jets offense starts with a 5 yard screen pass to Carter. Fabian Moreau blows up the screen for a loss of 6. On 3rd and 11 Wilson can’t connect and a strange offensive penalty ends the drive anyways. Jets punt.

From their 32, Patterson runs for 4 as the quarter comes to an end.

Falcons 20, Jets 9

Fourth quarter

Ryan starts the final quarter with a pass to Zaccheaus he manages to catch for 5. Davis runs it for 2 and the first. Patterson runs for 1 and Ryan hits Pitts for 12 and the first. Patterson runs for 3 and a hold by Hennessy wipes out a great pass to Pitts. On 2nd and 17, Ryan hits Sharpe for 8 to setup 3rd and 9. Ryan hits Patterson who only gains 3. Atlanta decides to punt from midfield and Colquitt pins them at their 10.

The pass to Crowder gains 7 and Keelan Cole gains 23 on his reception. After an offensive penalty, on 1st and 20 Wilson hits Denzel Mims for 23 and the first. A.J. Terrell is called for pass interference near the goal line. The Jets punch it in for the touchdown. They go for 2 and convert.

Falcons 20, Jets 17

Starting on their 25 after the return by Keith Smith, Ryan starts the drive with the deep ball to Kyle Pitts for a huge gain of 39 yards. Patterson’s run loses 2 and Pitts catches one for 4. After a false start by Jake Matthews, on 3rd and 13 Ryan connects with Zaccheaus for a huge first down conversion. Patterson runs for 3 and takes the 2nd down pass for 5. On 3rd and 2, the quick pass to Patterson picks up the first. Mike Davis picks up 5 on the first and goal run to set it up on the 4. Mike Davis punches it in for the touchdown and extending the lead back to 2 scores.

Falcons 27, Jets 17

The Jets offense starts on their 25 with a pass to Corey Davis for 8 and 2:13 left on the clock. Ogundeji gets a huge sack on 2nd down. With 2 minutes left and 3rd and 11 ahead of them, the Jets keep the drive alive with a 15 yard pass to Keelan Cole. Wilson hits Johnson for 10 and another first. An incompletion and short pass setup 3rd and 4 and Crowder converts with a short pass. Wilson scrambles around and burns time only to toss it away. Wilson hits Corey Davis to convert the first with 33 seconds left on the clock. A drop by Davis on first down is followed by a sack of Wilson by Jacob Tuioti-Mariner that loses a ton of yards. The Jets bring on their kicker for the 49 yarder and he punches it in.

Falcons 27, Jets 20

The Jets go for the onside kick and Atlanta recovers. Game over.

Final: Falcons 27, Jets 20