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Julio Jones can become the highest-scoring non-kicker in Falcons history in 2021

He’s three touchdowns away from surpassing Roddy White.

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Julio Jones has been so good for so long that it’s easy to take some of his production for granted. That’s particularly true when it comes to scoring, as Julio has a reputation for not scoring as many touchdowns as his Hall of Fame-caliber numbers would indicate he would have.

For all that, Julio has scored more than all but one receiver in team history with 366 points in total, and if he scores three touchdowns in 2021 he will be the highest-scoring non-kicker in team history. Right now, Roddy White is 16 points ahead of him at 382 thanks to 63 touchdowns and a pair of two point conversions, and Julio has 60 receiving touchdowns and one fumble return for a touchdown. If Julio leapfrogs Roddy, the only players ahead of him (remember, quarterbacks aren’t on this list) are Norm Johnson (395 points and within reach), Jay Feely (436 points), Mick Luckhurst (558 points), Morten Andersen (806 points), and of course Matt Bryant (1,163 points).

The star receiver owns every franchise receiving record except touchdowns at this point, having surpassed Roddy for yardage a couple of years ago and receptions in 2020. He’s 20th all-time in yardage in NFL history, 29th in receptions, and tied for 88th in touchdowns, which tells you the Falcons have had many truly great receivers but very few who were pulling down a ton of scores.

Julio’s not 100% guaranteed to be on the roster in 2021, but I’m expecting him to be for at least one more year as the Falcons re-tool. If so he should have no problem putting his stamp on one more team record, at minimum, in the season ahead.