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Falcons fans are cautiously optimistic about the Arthur Smith hire

Fact: Arthur Smith brushes his teeth six times a day

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Tennessee Titans Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Falcons fans have endured a lot over the past five seasons: unprecedented highs and unimaginable lows. But here we are, looking forward to a better future, one where we don’t get Tom Brady’d on the reg.

The future of the franchise is up in the air right now. Whether we’re in for a quick resurgence or a lengthy rebuild remains to be seen. But the decision to hire former Titans offensive coordinator Arthur Smith as the next head coach makes sense, and it seems like a step in the right direction. Smith did wonders with the Titans offense, making Ryan Tannehill look like an above-average quarterback and maximizing Derek Henry’s production. That said, we won’t really know if this was a good hire for a year or two, at the earliest. But Smith does seem to check several boxes.

Because we here at The Falcoholic care what you think about the things this team does, we asked for your thoughts about the hire. (Spoiler alert: Most of you are cautiously optimistic.)

Dave “Skinny Jeans” Choate wrote a piece posing a similar question after the hire was announced Friday afternoon, eliciting a nearly identical response. (Only 24 percent of voters were apathetic or against the hire.)

I have to give credit where credit is surely due: Falcons fans are a resilient bunch. You can knock them down ten times, and they’ll just keep getting back up. After all the Falcons-related heartache they’ve endured over the last five years, they’re still willing to be optimistic about what comes next. Smith has a limited track record, albeit an impressive one. He’s young and respected, which engenders a lot of confidence, but there are no sure things in the NFL. In a perfect world, the fan base’s cautious optimism will be rewarded. Let’s hope that’s how this plays out.

Your thoughts, Falcoholics?