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Who was the Falcons offensive player of the year for 2020?

The choice was not particularly difficult.

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

On Saturday, we weighed in on the Falcons’ MVP for the 2020 season. Today, we’re moving over to the offense specifically, and as you might expect there were only a couple of logical choices this time around.

Who did our staff pick? Read up and weigh in with your own choices, if you would.

Calvin Ridley

In a normal year for the offense, Matt Ryan or Julio Jones would be the normal front-runners. Julio’s hamstring kept him out for his most missed games since the 2013 season and Ryan was erratic as Dirk Koetter sought to set him up for failure each week. In the midst of all this, Ridley took the leap we were all hoping for in his third year.

He registered 1374 yards, 9 touchdowns and a 2nd team All Pro nomination. Atlanta has had incredible fortunate at the receiver position, moving from Roddy White to Julio and now, it seems, from Julio to Ridley. - David Walker

Calvin Ridley

This was somewhat of a down year for the Falcons offense, as you all know, so there weren’t a ton of candidates for this particular honor. Matt Ryan put together another fine year, albeit one with a couple of stinkers along the way, and Chris Lindstrom was pretty terrific at right guard.

Calvin Ridley is the obvious choice, though. In 15 games, Ridley and to a lesser extent Russell Gage kept the passing attack alive and afloat despite injuries to Julio Jones and a maddening lack of consistency from the offensive line, receiving options, and of course the offensive coordinator. Ridley put up easily the best season of his career—over 1,300 yards, 90 receptions, and 9 touchdowns as he continued one of the most torrid scoring paces from any Falcons wide receiver—and nearly single-handedly sunk a couple of defenses. That was more than enough to prove he’s one of the best young receivers in the entire NFL, and that’s more than enough to earn the nod here. - Dave Choate

Matt Ryan

For the sake of the roundtable, I am going to be different and go with the one player that played in every game of the season. At the conclusion of the 2020 season, Ryan produced his 10th consecutive 4,000-yard season. He also posted six games during the season with a QB rating of 105 or more. Producing a season in which he was fourth in the league in yards and 12th in touchdowns despite not having Julio Jones for a great portion of the season, no run game to speak of, and an offensive line that showed plenty of inconsistencies. Impressive in my opinion. - Eric Robinson