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Falcoholinks: All the Falcons news you need for Tuesday, Sept. 8

Fact: Hayden Hurst’s cheese shreds itself

NFL: Atlanta Falcons Training Camp Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Tuesday, Falcoholics! Can you believe we are only days away from Week 1 of the NFL season?! If all goes according to plan, by this time next week, the Falcons will be 1-0 and we’ll be talking about how the Falcons can go into Dallas and take out the Cowboys. Because these are the Falcons, nothing ever goes according to plan. So get yourself ready for another season full of soul-crushing disappointment—it’s easier that way.

Our links are fortified with iron, calcium, and freshly squeezed orange juice.

David Walker broke down the initial depth chart that was released by the team yesterday. Much of the depth chart was as expected, but there were some surprising revelations. Check out David’s piece because he did a nice job highlighting those.

Kevin Knight gave us a bird’s eye view of the current roster, raising some interesting questions about why the roster turned out like it did. Speaking of roster composition, we can argue about whether it even matters, but the Falcons had the league’s oldest roster following the cutdown to their initial 53-man roster.

Meanwhile, the initial practice squad has taken form, although there is currently 1 open spot and we expect some additional movement in the weeks ahead. Part 3 of Evan Birchfield’s Madden simulation dropped yesterday. And Birchfield also gave us our first look at the Falcons’ 2020 uniform schedule.

Lastly, both Marlon Davison and Matt Hennessy returned to practice yesterday. Hennessy was listed as the backup at left guard for Sunday, but don’t be shocked if that changes between now and Sunday.