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Falcons Big Name Roster Cut Analysis

What big names did the Falcons cut in route to the final 53?

NFL: Atlanta Falcons Training Camp Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons have completed all of their cuts for the 2020 season, which has certainly been unprecedented considering new rules and guidelines that have been implemented in response to Covid-19. Given the situation, I didn’t expect that there would be many big name cuts considering the lack of a preseason where the better evaluation of players occurs. Upon looking at the players that were cut, there were some surprises overall, but most were expected. Examining the list, there aren’t any notable big names that are there with the exception of one.

WR Laquon Treadwell

The former 1st round pick has had an underwhelming career in the NFL so far. The Falcons signed Treadwell to a one year, veteran minimum deal to give him the opportunity to resurrect his career in Atlanta. In his career, Treadwell has had issues with creating separation, and it doesn’t look like that’s changed. Treadwell seemingly didn’t stand out as much as he needed to in camp. Also, if not one of the top 2 WRs on the roster, a player better have some special teams value if he’s expected to stick. Treadwell had no value on that unit and he simply didn’t have the camp he needed to in order to justify being on the final 53 over the other WRs the Falcons currently have.

I expected maybe 2-3 more names, but the Falcons seem content with the majority of the major players on their roster. However, they certainly may not be done in regards to making some tweaks here and there over the days and weeks ahead.