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Falcons vs Bears: Share your thoughts on the game for our podcast!

It’s your opportunity to let your voice or opinions be heard.

NFL: Chicago Bears at Atlanta Falcons Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons found a way to blow another 26-10 lead in consecutive weeks. I’m furious. You’re furious. Let’s be furious together.

Share your thoughts and quips with us for use on our next podcast. Let your voice or opinions be heard and we’re going to air them out.

There are a few ways to participate:

Call our voicemail

We have a new voicemail line for the Falcoholic podcast. You can use this line for feedback, comments or rants during the season. We’ll also be reaching out - like now - to get your thoughts on different topics for inclusion on one of our shows.

You can get to the voicemail at 404.592.2823.

Please keep your messages civil (relatively) and try to keep it under 90 seconds if possible. We want to feature as many of you as we can.

Leave a comment here

As always, we’ll check back here for comments. We may not be able to include them all, so the more thoughtful and concise the comment, the higher the likelihood you’ll get included. Of course, the occasional “they suck” comment may be included as well.

Respond on twitter

If you’re more into the twitter scene, you can tweet at @FalcoholicPod with the hashtag #FalconsThoughts. As with the comments here, make the comment as thoughtful (or amusing) as possible and we’ll include the best ones as time permits.

Thanks for your support and we look forward (hopefully) to hearing what you have to say!