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Falcons to watch today against the Chicago Bears

Can the Falcons get at least one win?

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Atlanta Falcons Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons are off to yet another slow start in the current season, due to multiple execution and coaching mistakes. It’s exceedingly difficult to be optimistic at this point considering the odds of an 0-2 team making the playoffs, but taking the NFL season one week at a time is really ideal if a comeback is to be made. The Falcons are certainly talking about doing just yet.

In a must win against the Chicago Bears, the Falcons must show improvement in all phases of the game. There are certainly a few players that are in midseason form like Matt Ryan and Calvin Ridley, but there also are a few that have yet to make an impact. Who should we have our eye on to help the Falcons carry out a win today?

Coach Dan Quinn

Listen folks, Coach Quinn’s seat keeps getting hotter and hotter as the weeks progress. There are just certain things that happen during the course of a game that can be directly attributed to coaching, and that is unacceptable at this point of Quinn’s tenure. This team, although talented at many positions, shouldn’t be looking the way it does at this point, even without a preseason.

While it’s okay to take some gambles in the game depending on down, distance and field position, there are just some decisions that shouldn’t be made. If this team is to change for the better, it has to start at the top of the coaching staff. As unlikely as it seems, if Quinn can get better with his decision making and time management, that will certainly be a step in the right direction for the team. He’s at the point where he needs to prove that blowing leads isn’t part of his coaching DNA.

Matt Gono

Many who know me know that I’ve been very bullish on Matt Gono. In relief of Kaleb McGary, who went down with an MCL injury last week against the Cowboys, Gono had a very solid showing. Players like Gono simply need the opportunity to shine, and he’s certainly risen to the occasion.

Let’s see if Gono can build on his momentum against the Bears as he’ll have a stiff challenge seeing some action against one of the most fearsome pass rushers in the game in Khalil Mack.

Mykal Walker

Due to the injury to Foye Oluokun, Walker saw increased snaps against the Cowboys and will certainly see more against the Bears. There were certainly some things to be encouraged about, along with some errors expected of a rookie, especially in a season that saw no preseason games.

What we’ll really want to focus on is how he progresses during the season, especially in coverage. He certainly has the instincts you desire at the position and has shown he can be in position in coverage. He has some technique issues to clean up, but again, that’s expected of a rookie. If Walker continues to progress, the LB group will look like a solid, young group going forward.

Marlon Davidson

The rookie DT will finally make his debut against the Bears. Definitely one of the rookies I’ve kept my eye on, Davidson will get some snaps during the game given the injuries to Takk McKinley and Dante Fowler, Jr. Given the situation, I wouldn’t be completely surprised to see Davidson get some snaps at DE from time to time given that’s where he made his living at Auburn. Again, I expect some rookie mistakes given no preseason, but if Davidson can make his presence known, it will certainly bode well for this Defensive Line going forward.

The Atlanta Falcons are already in a danger zone starting the season 0-2. History isn’t exactly on their side with a start such as this. Can they rebound? Sure, because history has taught us that this is a streaky team, which isn’t necessarily a good thing. However, they must string together some wins in the first half of the season to even have a shot at being in the hunt for the playoffs. The positive is that there is plenty of football still to play.