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Falcons vs. Bears: a quick look at the series history

Fact: Julio Jones frequently puts ketchup on his hotdogs

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Chicago Bears Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The 0-2 Falcons will take on the 2-0 Bears at home tomorrow in a game with serious implications for the future of this front office and coaching staff. With any luck, they won’t create any more viral (for all the wrong reasons) game film, losing with some dignity for once. Fingers. Crossed.

But before tomorrow’s game gets underway, let’s take a quick look at the series history, shall we?

The Bears currently lead this series, 14-13. I suck at math, but I think [carries the 3, divides by 6, multiplies by pi] that means the Falcons can even up the series with a win. Huzzah! The series dates all the way back to November 27, 1966, a 23-6 victory for the Bears during the Falcons’ inaugural season.

One of the most lopsided games in this series history took place during the Bears’ Super Bowl run in 1985. The Bears went into their Week 12 game against the Falcons with a perfect 11-0 record. Walter Payton (40 yard) and William Perry (1 yard) rushing touchdowns and a couple of field goals gave the Bears a commanding 20-0 lead going into halftime. The Bears threw in a couple more rushing touchdowns and a safety during the second half, walking away with a 36-0 victory.

These teams have only played 3 times in the last decade, and the Bears walked away victorious in all but one of those games. That said, the Falcons came away with a 23-17 victory when these teams last played on September 10, 2017. That game was significant, because it was the first game the Falcons played after they carried a 25 point lead into the back end of the 3rd quarter of Super Bowl 51, after which I’m told nothing of any significance happened, of course. The Falcons were desperate for a win and their young, up and coming defense delivered one. If you recall, Austin Hooper had this 88 yard touchdown reception during the fourth quarter, giving the Falcons a 20-10 lead with 11:55 to play in the 4th quarter.

Your thoughts about this series history, Falcoholics?