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Follow along with the good guy Raiders and the awful Saints on Monday Night Football

Boo Saints, go Raiders.

Oakland Raiders v New Orleans Saints Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

The Saints are playing tonight without Michael Thomas, the all-world receiver who makes Drew Brees’ heavily-laden carrier pigeon passes look good. We’ll see if they’re ready to roll against a game (if still improving) Raiders team that I like a lot this week, for some reason.

A win here keeps the Raiders in a tough AFC West where the Chiefs are expected to run away with things, and it would put the Saints at 1-1 and not running away early with the NFC South. A Saints win would bum me out, not that it’s anything new given the way the past few seasons have unfolded. New Orleans saves its biggest and most catastrophic losses for the postseason, so perhaps we just need to be patient.

Use this as your open thread and enjoy the evening, folks. Hope it’s a New Orleans loss.