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Hayden Hurst runs through Dallas’ defense for 42-yard touchdown

The newest addition to the offense looks to be worth every penny.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Dallas Cowboys Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Many grumbled about the cost of new addition Hayden Hurst, here included, as the Falcons traded a second-round pick for a tight end who had not established himself in the league. Many talked up Hurst’s potential, but the 27-year-old pass catcher had only mustered just above 500 passing yards in his two seasons in the NFL.

If Hurst is good enough to merit the draft pick, why haven’t we seen him make some amazing plays?

We saw those today.

The thing that really jumps out is the difference Hurst is from Austin Hooper. Hooper got priced out of Atlanta, and was a very important part of the offense, but he does not have this type of speed.

Hurst has gotten his fair share of targets early in the season and has plenty of opportunity to do more. With his speed and ability to pop the top off of defenses, he can definitely keep these impressive plays continuing moving forward.