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Calvin Ridley toasts Dallas secondary for a 22-yard touchdown

The Falcons go up 7-0 against the Cowboys.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons Training Camp Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons offense started off slow on Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys. The first two drives ended in two punts, with the first failing to get so much as a first down.

It looked like this may be another tough game to watch until the defense came up with a big forced fumble thanks to some creative blitzing. The defense was legitimately fun to watch as they overpowered the banged-up Dallas offensive line.

With nice field position, Dirk Koetter called up this nice play action pass under this jumbo offensive line formation. Mike Nolan expected a run.

What Dirk Koetter called up deserves praise, but Calvin Ridley is just so good. He is absolutely one of the best route runners in the NFL. This touchdown shows you that he can eat up defensive backs in single coverage. With Julio Jones getting plenty of focus in this game, watch for Ridley to take advantage.