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Watch the Bengals flail around against the flailing Browns on Thursday Night Football

The NFL is begging you. Please.

Cleveland Browns v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

I know this seems impossible, but there was a time when the Browns and Bengals were both good football teams. That day may come again, but it’s unlikely to in 2020.

Both of these squads are already 0-1, with Cincinnati getting edged by the Chargers 16-13 thanks in part to a terrible missed field goal, while the Browns were utterly annihilated by the Ravens by a score of 38-6. Joe Burrow is worth watching for a Cincy team that might have a good defense and the Browns certainly have enough talent to at least make a half-hearted playoff push, but there’s zero indication this is going to be a good football game. That’s often the curse of Thursday Night Football, and it’s even worse when this is the matchup you’re trotting out.

That said, what else are you doing on a Thursday night? Watch with your fellow fans, root for/against Austin Hooper as you wish, and let’s have a good time.