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Dan Quinn among the favorites to be the first head coach fired, per betting odds

Starting off the season 0-1 sure did not help his case.

Cincinnati Bengals v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

The betting odds are getting fast and physical with Dan Quinn’s chances of keeping his job. All things considered, those putting down their hard-earned money have a point: Quinn is not doing much to try to save his job.

How bad is it?

First, we have to consider how we got here. Quinn narrowly kept his job at the end of last season. After a playoff win after the 2017 season and an almost NFC Championship berth, the Falcons dropped to 7-9. He made drastic changes, including firing all the coordinators, and dedicated himself to becoming a hands-on defensive coordinator with the intent of getting the best out of underperforming defensive linemen.

The Falcons, of course, went 7-9 again. 2020 is a new year but not much has changed. The only hope was a few roster improvements and the coaching falling into place. So far the results indicate the team needed more drastic change, and Vegas agrees.

Currently, Quinn is the third-most likely to be the first NFL head coach fired, per Bovada.


I want to defend Quinn from these rankings, but Doug Marrone won in Week 1 and Bill O’Brien is both the head coach and the general manager. The best I could say is he should be closer to tied with Chicago’s Matt Nagy.

As much as I may like Quinn, the results are the results. This is year 6 of the same schemes and same plans and the team looks to be heading for another 7-9 finish.