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Falcons-Seahawks post-game injury report: Russell Gage’s scary moment doesn’t keep him off the field

Fact: Russell Gage hasn’t eaten a carb since he was 6

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Atlanta Falcons Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons dropped their season opener and made a number of small children cry today. Shame on them. Shame!

Notwithstanding the rocky start to the season, the Falcons did manage to stay relatively healthy. It’s a silver lining, which is exactly what we need right now. No Falcons were knocked out of today’s loss, which is pretty much the exception to the rule in this league.

Let’s break down some injuries.

Jamal Adams was an absolute terror today. Because the offensive coaching staff is incompetent, the Falcons couldn’t figure out a solution. The result: Russell Gage taking a helmet to helmet hit from Adams as he came through the middle on a play during the second half. No flag was thrown.

Gage looked shaken up after he took the hit, needing some time to gather himself before gingerly making his way to the sideline. The camera caught him walking into an injury tent. He was apparently evaluated for a head injury and cleared. Interestingly, they initially hit him with a questionable designation and then just sent him back out there. You certainly hope he doesn’t now land in the concussion protocol, because that would speak volumes. (It’s worth noting here that Gage would pull in another 4 receptions for 60 yards after returning to the game.)

Darqueze Dennard went down during the second half, which is not what the secondary needed at the time. But he appeared to just be a little shaken up and didn’t miss any time.

I’m knocking on a large, 2,000-year-old sequoia as I type this, but considering the players on this team that are navigating ongoing health issues or returning from injury, the fact that the team made it out of today’s shenanigans relatively unscathed is worth appreciating.