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Falcons - Seahawks final score roundtable for Week 1

Will Atlanta triumph or deflate out of the gate? Our writers weighed in.

NFL: OCT 27 Seahawks at Falcons

Folks, we’re delighted to be sharing some score predictions for the first Falcons game of the season. It hasn’t been an easy road to get here for the team, the league, or apprehensive fans, so the fact that we’re getting Falcons - Seahawks today is a joyous occasion. Let’s hope we still feel that way at the end of the day.

A few of our writers put together their score predictions for the game ahead, and shockingly we’re optimistic about the outcome. We never learn.

Falcons 24 - Seahawks 23

Falcons vs Seahawks has been a surprisingly good series since 2012, when Russell Wilson took over the helm in Seattle. Tied at 3-3 (Falcons own a 2-0 playoff edge), this series has featured some great games and frustrating moments. Given the number of young players the Falcons will be fielding on Sunday - and the fact that we haven’t had a preseason to see them in action - this one could be wildly unpredictable, which would normally favor the offenses.

Yet, that “unpredictability” makes me think we’ll get something different. The Seahawks offensive line is ripe for destruction and the Seahawks secondary has gotten some needed upgrades this year. I’m looking for a close, hard fought game with Atlanta getting a slight edge due to being at home. - David Walker

Falcons 28 - Seahawks 24

This is one of my favorite small rivalries for the Falcons, considering the regular season usually features tense battles and the postseason usually features Atlanta wins. This is the ideal test for both teams, given that they both have potentially shaky defenses that need to prove themselves against quality offenses, plus offenses with new pieces that need to shake the rust off.

I think the Falcons can and will win this one, though I’m leery of the injuries in the secondary. Atlanta’s going to have to come out swinging after stumbling out of the gates each of the last two seasons, and we know they’re capable of putting up at least this many points against Seattle if all goes well. Even a decent effort from the new-look defense should be enough to put them on top here, so I hope we get that. - Dave Choate

Falcons 24 – Seahawks 21

First off, I’m just glad to have football back. On top of the excitement, we’ll get to see the new uniforms on display Sunday. Naturally for Week 1, I have to go with the Falcons. They were sloppy in the first half of 2019, but finished impressively. The offense is stacked, and the defense should be much improved. I’ll be most interested to see how Hayden Hurst does replacing Hooper, who Ryan had a strong connection with.

I really think this is a game where Todd Gurley makes a statement, he always seems to do well against Seattle. Regardless, this will likely be a game that goes down to the wire – maybe a last second field goal to win it? – Evan Birchfield

Falcons 27 - Seahawks 23

Even including last season’s matchup, these games usually come down to a possession late in the fourth quarter. Of course with the two head coaches, there is history between two and they know each other fairly well. The season opener for both comes without a preseason so finding offensive rhythm will probably not take place until the second half.

The two biggest factors for the Falcons to me: Efficiency in the passing game and turnovers on defense. We saw last year that this passing game can pick apart the secondary even with an elder statesman backup quarterback. The presence of Jamal Adams for Seattle will be interesting to monitor but the Seahawks defense will have trouble if they can’t touch Matt Ryan. I think the defense can make strides this season but beating Seattle requires Russell Wilson to generate those ill-timed second half turnovers that we have seen from him a time or two. Big plays in the second half and a key interception late will be the difference here. - Eric Robinson

Falcons 17 - Seahawks 23

This is really the biggest shot in the dark possible. We have seen absolutely zero Falcons since the end of last season. The team ended on a very strong note, scoring 40, 29, 24, and 28 points, while limiting opposing teams to 20, 22, 12, and 22 points. They should be very good if those are to continue, but there are still plenty of new players on a team that has had limited practice. Will consistency in coaching help push the Falcons along? Sure, but the Falcons rarely give you reason to give them the benefit of the doubt. - Matt Chambers

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