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Dan Quinn says Jeff Ulbrich is the head coach if he misses time due to COVID-19

File this away as something that’s good to know in an emergency that hopefully won’t come.

NFL: OCT 20 Rams at Falcons

The age of COVID-19 is bringing up topics we rarely consider as a matter of course for our favorite NFL team. For example, it wouldn’t generally occur to me to wonder who would take over at head coach if Dan Quinn had to miss time, both because there’s someone with the title “assistant head coach” and because DQ’s been on the sideline every game without fail in his Falcons tenure.

The answer, somewhat obviously, is Jeff Ulbrich. The only reason this is newsworthy is because DQ confirmed it would happen if Quinn ended up missing multiple weeks due to COVID-19, because unfortunately that’s a legitimate possibility in 2020.

Presumably, newly minted defensive coordinator or offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter would be the assistant head coach for Ulbrich in the event of Quinn contracting the virus, which we sincerely hope does not happen. Just like the actual roster has legitimate depth questions this year that are more urgent because of the possibility that almost any player on the roster could be exposed to the virus and miss time, the coaching staff is going to need to have contingencies across the board, and it’ll be interesting to see who might take over for coordinators and coaches who do have to miss time.

We’re hoping for more good luck for Atlanta and limited exposure, if any at all, but these kinds of items are worth noting in case things go sideways during this upcoming NFL season.