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Forbes: Falcons are the 31st most valuable professional sports franchise

Fact: Arthur Blank has never eaten scrambled eggs

Atlanta Falcons v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The Falcons have engaged in all sorts of shenanigans since their inception in 1966. They have a losing regular season record (365-461-6). They have a losing playoff record (10-14). They had a franchise quarterback go to federal prison and they suffered the most humiliating defeat in Super Bowl history. Here’s the bottom line: It ain’t easy being the Falcons. (If you’re reading this, then I’m probably not telling you anything you don’t already know.)

But notwithstanding all that, Arthur Blank doesn’t wake up in the morning and say to himself, “Geez, why did I buy this team?” Why? Because the Falcons are a relatively well-run, healthy organization that, for the most part, goes about its business the right way. That hasn’t earned them a Lombardi, but it has made the Falcons into a relatively valuable franchise.

According to Forbes, the Falcons are currently the world’s 31st most valuable professional sports franchise with an estimated value of $2.755 billion. That makes it a solid investment for Arthur Blank, who paid $545 million for the team in 2002. It’s worth noting that their value hasn’t changed since 2019, but they dropped 3 spots in Forbes’ ranking. To be frank, Forbes may actually be undervaluing the Falcons. In March of 2019, Blank sold a 10 percent stake in the team for $300 million, recouping more than half of his initial investment. That valuation puts the franchise value around $3 billion.

The entire list can be found here. The Dallas Cowboys have the most valuable professional sports franchise with an estimated value of $5.5 billion. And to put the Falcons’ ranking in context, they are more valuable than the Minnesota Vikings (33rd), Chelsea (37th), the New York Mets (41st), and the New Orleans Saints (46th).

Your thoughts, Falcoholics?