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Falcoholinks: All the Falcons news you need for Tuesday, Aug. 25

Fact: Jamon Brown owns a museum quality collection of used erasers

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Atlanta Falcons Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Tuesday, Falcoholics! It’s hard to believe, but the regular season is just 19 days away. If you would have asked me a month ago whether the NFL season would go forward as planned, I would’ve laughed hysterically in your face. (Just kidding, that’d be weird.) But NFL teams in the middle of a training camp clouded by a global pandemic have managed to keep their players relatively healthy, which is, well, encouraging.

Whether the NFL can keep all this up when teams start traveling and playing in actual games in front of at least some fans is a real question that may have an answer none of us like, but they can cross that bridge when they get there, I suppose. And by the way, our links pair well with a nice Chianti and freshly baked French bread.

The Falcons cut ties with offensive guard Jamon Brown Monday afternoon, the same day he returned to the practice field following a one-week stint in the concussion protocol.

Here’s the reality we’re all going to have to accept: The Falcons are paying Brown nearly $5 million this season to not play for them. He’s arguably better than James Carpenter at this point in their respective careers, making him no more than a victim of his own contract. Brown is an outstanding human being with a strong affinity for philanthropy, but he’s no longer a Falcon. None of this is ideal, but it’s the direct result of the Falcons front office’s ongoing commitment to strengthening the lines on both sides of the ball. Thomas Dimitroff went too hard at guard during the 2019 offseason and there’s some collateral damage we won’t be able to avoid.

On to some good news: A.J. Terrell continues to turn heads in training camp. He’ll need to prove himself during the regular season, of course, but his detractors haven’t had much to say recently. Let’s hope he continues on his current trajectory and proves that he can anchor the Falcons secondary. But if he predictably does rookie things because he, ya know, is a rookie, let’s not forget how solid he’s looked against the Falcons’ best receivers.

The Falcoholic took a look at positions where there are still question marks now that we are 3 weeks removed from the regular season. There’s still time to get the clarity the Falcons will need before the regular season, so don’t panic. I repeat: Do. Not. Panic.

WR3 Russell Gage has quietly lived up to the Falcons front office’s expectation that he’d do more damage in the pros than he could in college. Gage will look to replicate his production over the second half of the 2019 season where he made frequent appearances in Dirk Koetter’s offense. He’s fully embraced his role as the Falcons’ preferred option in the slot and we should all be excited about what he can accomplish in year three.

OK, Falcons fans. That’s all I have for you today. Crush today like Grady Jarrett crushes the hopes and dreams of any offensive lineman that dares to step in his path.