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Falcons S Ricardo Allen discusses camp during the pandemic, facing Tom Brady and more

The veteran safety spoke with Jim Rome about a lot of topics, including his desire to become an offensive coordinator.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Carolina Panthers Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Falcons veteran safety Ricardo Allen recently went on ‘The Jim Rome Show’ to talk about a wide variety of topics in a surprisingly candid and interesting interview. The 2014 fifth-round pick has always been a great interview, and this one is no exception.

Some of the topics he discussed include:

  • How he and his family are doing during the pandemic
  • How different training camp is this year and why it is disrupting his normal “show up early” routine
  • Why he has loved the virtual offseason, and why NFL coaches and owners could stand to learn something from this new way of doing things

He also shared with Rome his desire to be an offensive coordinator one day — reiterating the sentiment he first shared last July.

I understand what keeps me up at night. I understand all the things ... whatever makes a defense nervous ... I can teach quarterbacks and I can teach offensive players, just something that’s simple, to get easy reads, to understand what the defense is trying to do to them, because I know every different technique and every different style.

He also spoke about his love of competition and why he looks forward to playing against Tom Brady and Drew Brees twice a year.

I just enjoy going out and playing against the best. When you strap your pads up and when you think of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, you think about Tom Brady, you think about Drew Brees.

And then you got little Teddy Bridgewater coming in too, and you know he can make some plays too. Our conference is full of quarterbacks who can get it done. I enjoy playing against competition. I enjoy going out there, and if I make a couple plays on some balls, it’s not going to be discredited for who the quarterback I may be going against. When I’m going against them quarterbacks in this league and I make a couple pass breakups or I get a couple interceptions, it’s gonna be against the best players. That’s the kind of stuff I train for. That’s the kind of stuff I work for.

You can listen to the full interview here or watch a select snippet below.