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The NFL wants to pump noise into stadiums this fall, and we’re sure the Falcons aren’t bitter about that irony

Philadelphia Eagles v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

There won’t be many fans in the stands at NFL games this fall, if any. The Falcons recently announced they’re not having fans in Mercedes-Benz Stadium for their two September games, and that might just be a warmup for what’s to come.

Without some sort of augmented noise, those stadiums will be as silent as Drew Brees at a hail mary competition, which means all sorts of issues for teams trying to disguise snap counts, not swear on national television, and so forth. The NFL’s solution to that appears to be to pipe in fan noise.

Fortunately, this won’t even be mildly controversial in Atlanta, given that there is no history of the team forfeiting a draft pick and scapegoating a single guy for a crowd noise scandal, nosiree.

While I understand some sort of noise is probably going to be essential to prevent larger on-field problems, the league enacting the same sort of “creative” solution they penalized the Falcons for is awfully rich. The question of how the league will do it to ensure it sounds as real as possible and works for an entire game is an open one, but maybe they’d be willing to toss a 5th round pick to Atlanta in exchange for their expertise, and the other Roddy White could get a few years of back pay.

Yeah, I’m bitter.