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Get the Falcons masks the team will be wearing on the sidelines in 2020

Fresh ones, not used ones. That would be silly.

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We first wrote that you could get Falcons face masks back in May. Since then, COVID-19 has not exactly gone away, with over 5 million confirmed cases and around 170,000 deaths total, and some college football conferences already opting out of playing. The need for masks hasn’t gone away then, either, and the Falcons have already indicated they’re going to require them in Mercedes-Benz Stadium for the 10,000-20,000 fans who get to go to Atlanta home games.

The Falcoholic store can now offer the official (official!) New Era mask that the Falcons will be wearing on the sidelines this season. If you’ve been looking to replace old masks, get something to go with your Falcons hat, jersey, shorts, socks, and sandals, or dip your toe into this mask business for the first time (thank you, if so), you can buy one at the link below.

Stay safe out there, everyone, and let’s get to NFL football.

NOTE: This is a special event item. Orders containing this product will be shipped separately. This item will ship no later than Thursday, October 8th.