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Falcoholinks: All the Falcons news you need for Thursday, July 9

Thursday links.

Atlanta Falcons v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Will Vragovic/Getty Images

It’s Thursday, and like most of the days of the week unless we’re feeling unflinchingly lazy, we’ve got a new set of Falcoholinks. Read on for the latest.

Punters are people, too

Matt Bosher removed the soul from Kenjon Barner’s body in 2019, a hit so prodigious that it was sports show fodder for the ensuing week. This week we’re not tracking top hits by punters — because certainly there would be no debate in that regard — but we’re taking a look at where Falcons punters rank in the league all-time.

Player profiles: Mykal Walker

The Falcons used a fourth-round pick on Mykal Walker, the linebacker out of Fresno State. He draws many comparisons to former Falcons linebacker De’Vondre Campbell, and our Kevin Knight took a closer look at what the new addition brings to the defense.

Risky business

There are going to be many hurdles as the league attempts to host a season amid a global pandemic — lots of starts and stops and changes in plans depending on the data that comes in.

NFLPA President JC Tretter is sounding the alarm, stating the the NFL is ignoring recommendations from the recently formed Joint Committee — a body comprised of doctors, trainers and strength coaches who have developed protocols to keep teams and personnel safe.

From Tretter’s point of view, the NFL is putting players at risk by ignoring the guidance from its own experts, and that could jeopardize the 2020 season.

Pivotal moments and Prime Time

Hey! Another offseason series! As the title indicates, this one will take a look at some of the franchise-defining moments in Atlanta Falcons history.

Yesterday we strolled down bad memory lane with the Falcons’ decision to let future Hall of Fame cornerback Deion Sanders walk.

The Falcoholic Live Episode 108

Will there be an NFL training camp and preseason? How rich is Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes? Is life just an endless, pre-programmed simulation that we’re both living in and not living in simultaneously? The Falcoholic Crew tackles these burning questions in episode 108, which can be viewed in its entirety right here.