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Where do Falcons past and present rank on the all-time punting leaderboards?

Matt Bosher is one of the most efficient punters in NFL history, to the surprise of few.

Atlanta Falcons v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

We’re on to punting! How fun.

You would likely expect the Falcons to have some punters on the all-time list, for reasons that range from the positive (Matt Bosher is really good) to the negative (the Falcons were really bad for a long time). You would be absolutely correct in that assumption, but maybe some of the names will surprise you.

Let’s get to it!


#10: Chris Mohr, 1,152

#17: John James, 1,083

#20: Dan Styzinski, 1,055

#56: Michael Koenen, 748

#91: Billy Lothridge, 532

Punt Yards

#17: Chris Mohr, 46,570

#21: John James, 43,992

#26: Dan Stryzinski, 42,072

#92: Matt Bosher, 22,346

#98: Billy Lothridge, 21,792

Yards Per Punt Average

#12: Matt Bosher, 45.7

#67: Michael Koenen, 42.7

#89: Rick Donnelly, 42.1

Punts Blocked

#10: Matt Bosher, 9

#20: Michael Koenen, 8

#37: John James, 6

#83: Scott Fulhage, 4

#83: Chris Mohr, 4

This is an interesting one. Mohr was a well-traveled punter who is on top of the leaderboards for volume, and in light of that it’s remarkable he only had four punts blocked in his long career. At the same time, he was not an efficient punter, averaging just 40.4 yards per punt, good for 152nd all-time.

James was the team’s longest tenured punter, meanwhile, and has some ranks that will never be broken in Atlanta. He’s also one of the volume leaders all-time in the NFL and is slightly ahead of Mohr for efficiency (144th overall).

Bosher had a very strange career in Atlanta. He’s just outside the top 50 in terms of total punts, close to #100 in terms of total yards, and top 10 all-time in terms of the number of punts he had blocked, all of which suggests a less than stellar place on the career leaderboard. Yet anyone who saw him in Atlanta can attest he was a pretty terrific punter, and his position on the all-time yards per punt leaderboard (#12) supports that completely. He was underrated by fans while he was here, especially when you throw in his fine work on kickoffs and as a tackler.