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Falcoholinks: All the Falcons news you need for Tuesday, July 7

Fact: Michael Vick’s ice dispenser never jams

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Happy Tuesday, Falcoholics! You’ve made it past Monday—congrats! You’ve taken one giant step in the right direction. And there’s more good news: The Falcons are still slated to play professional football this fall. I’ll be shocked if that doesn’t change, but for now, we can dream.

Our links are lightly roasted and doused with jalapeño sea salt.

Pivotal moments

We launched our new series yesterday: “Pivotal moments in Falcons history.” First up was the 2001 NFL Draft, a draft that would ultimately shape the Falcons for better part of the next two decades. Heck, in an indirect way, we’re still feeling the effects of that draft as a franchise to this day.

Kicking leaderboards

The Falcons have had the honor of employing some of the best kicking talent the NFL has ever seen. Sure, they botched Matt Bryant’s departure in epic fashion. And sure, no one knows if anyone on the current roster can hit a 50+ yard field goal during a professional football game. But we’ll always have the memories. Speaking of memories, where do Falcons kickers fall on the all-time kicking leaderboards?

Deion Jones

Kevin Knight’s player profiles keep coming. And next up was linebacker extraordinaire Deion Jones. Yes, the same Deion Jones that picked off Drew Brees in the end zone to save the game and cement a 20-17 Falcons victory over the Saints on December 7, 2017. That Deion Jones. But is that the same Deion Jones we should expect in 2020? Kevin breaks down the possibilities.