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Where do Falcons past and present rank on the all-time kicking leaderboards?

The Falcons have had some very good kickers throughout their recent history

Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

If you’ve been an Atlanta Falcons fan for the past few decades, you probably don’t remember a time when the team struggled at this position. Historically, the team has had some of the best kickers in NFL history, with one even making the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Knowing that, it makes the current franchise rankings pretty interesting when you look at who holds what records, but how do the Falcons’ kickers hold up on the NFL leaderboards? I’m only including kickers who have had 50+ kicking attempts with the Falcons, as anything less will be too far down on the leaderboards. Remember, these are career rankings so the statistics listed below likely include that from their time with other NFL teams.

Let’s get started.

Field Goal %

#14: Matt Bryant (85.560%)

#30: Jay Feely (82.587%)

#49: Jason Elam (80.741%)

#62: Morten Andersen (79.690%)

#72: Norm Johnson (76.730%)

Field Goals Made

#2: Morten Andersen (565)

#9: Jason Elam (436)

#11: Matt Bryant (397)

#17: Norm Johnson (366)

#24: Jay Feely (332)

Extra Points Made

#3: Morten Andersen (849)

#6: Jason Elam (675)

#9: Norm Johnson (638)

#17: Matt Bryant (567)

#37: Jay Feely (449)

Points Scored

#2: Morten Andersen (2,544)

#8: Jason Elam (1,983)

#13: Matt Bryant (1,758)

#14: Norm Johnson (1,736)

#27: Jay Feely (1,451)

Obviously, when it comes to franchise history, Matt Bryant reigns at the top of each statistical leaderboard. It’s easily forgotten though, that Bryant had some previous stops before joining the Falcons in 2009. Bryant played for the New York Giants, Indianapolis Colts, Miami Dolphins, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and even spent time in NFL Europe and the UFL. Bryant can still technically advance his position on the all-time leaderboard as he has yet to officially retire. Morten Andersen, commonly known as the “Great Dane” is one of four kickers currently in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He spent an incredible 25 seasons in the NFL, including 13 seasons with the New Orleans Saints.

Norm Johnson did well in his four seasons with the Falcons, but spent a majority of his career with the Seattle Seahawks. Jason Elam, although one of the best kickers in NFL history, he spent his final two seasons in Atlanta before being released during the 2009 season for Matt Bryant. Jay Feely started his career in Atlanta where he spent four seasons before moving on to stints with multiple other teams.

The key to recording high kicking stats, aside from accuracy, is longevity. You don’t get the longevity part without the accuracy part, and that’s what makes the all-time kicking leaderboard interesting.

As we look to the uncertain future, will Younghoe Koo, or perhaps another unknown eventually make the list?