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Falcons great Kynan Forney working with Chris Lindstrom

Forney talked to The Falcoholic about the current offensive line and working with Chris Lindstrom

Entering the 2019 NFL Draft, the Atlanta Falcons knew they had needs along the offensive line primarily on the right side of the center. The team opted to not only take a right guard in the first round in Chris Lindstrom, but also traded back into the first round for right tackle Kaleb McGary.

Lindstrom has a lot of potential and if all things go according to plan, he will finish his career among Falcons right guard greats such as Bill Fralic, R.C. Thielemann and Kynan Forney. I recently spoke with Forney to get his thoughts on the Falcons current offensive line, and learned that he’s been working with Lindstrom to hopefully get to that next level.

“We got a whole lot of talent. They’re all former first round picks. They got a lot of experience last year, and got to play which helps you a lot with your overall growth and being a professional,” Forney told The Falcoholic. “I met Chris Lindstrom and Kaleb McGary when I went up to the facility last year. They’re really good kids. Matter of fact, I just got done working with Lindstrom today. I had him out today just to work with him on some stuff because I want to see him go to the Pro Bowl.

Lindstrom was somewhat of a surprise pick for Atlanta, but we got a glimpse of his talent last year after he returned from injury. Forney is impressed, too.

“You know, that right guard spot is near and dear to my heart. I told him “whatever I can do to help get you to that all-star game, I’ll do it.” Lindstrom’s very strong, very solid in his technique and a very humble kid. He’s very willing to learn. He’s very willing to take direction and take coaching. He loves to grind, let’s just say that. Also, he didn’t get tired at all during the workout. He was ready for his reps, he was working both left and right sides. I like to do both sides just in case, you never know what can happen. I was just trying to show him a few tricks to help him progress.”

Kynan Forney knows a thing or two about the right guard position. He played for the Falcons from 2001-2007, playing alongside Falcons offensive line greats such as Todd McClure and Todd Weiner. In 2004 and 2005, the Falcons rushing attack ranked as the best in the league and Forney was a Pro Bowl alternate in each of those seasons. It’s great to see Lindstrom openly willing to learn from one of the better guards in Falcons history. Forney constantly praised Lindstrom during our conversation, and told me that he’ll be working with him again during the week. Personally, I’d like to see the team bring in Forney for a possible consultant or assistant role to work with the offensive linemen. Lindstrom will enter the 2020 season with no real competition for the right guard job, and if he’s as good as Forney believes he is, the Falcons could be set at right guard for the next decade.

My conversation with Kynan Forney is apart of a larger piece that will be coming to The Falcoholic. We discussed everything from his time on the Falcons to his current status of working with young offensive lineman such as Chris Lindstrom and Andrew Thomas, to hopefully reach that next level in their young NFL careers.