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Which Falcons are on the all-time NFL leaderboard for interceptions?

DeAngelo Hall is one prominent name

Atlanta Falcons v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Let’s turn our post-4th eyes to the secondary (and, as you’ll see, the linebacker group) to see which Falcons rank among the NFL’s all-time leaderboards for things like interceptions and pass deflections.

As has been the case throughout this series, you’ll see obvious names—Deion Sanders was inevitable—and a few that might surprise you. Let’s get to it.


#24: Deion Sanders, 53

#85: Rolland Lawrence, 39

#91; Ray Brown, 38

Interception Return Yardage

#4: Deion Sanders, 1,331

#20: DeAngelo Hall, 838

#22: Ray Buchanan, 827

#36: Eugene Robinson, 762

#69: Rolland Lawrence, 658

#70: Ray Brown, 657

Interception Touchdowns

#5: Deion Sanders, 9

#32: DeAngelo Hall, 5

#63: Ray Buchanan, 4

#63: Deion Jones, 4

Passes Defensed

#13: DeAngelo Hall, 141

#75: Dunta Robinson, 91

#88: Robert Alford, 85

The name that shows up in almost every one of these is DeAngelo Hall. He wasn’t ever quite the super-duper star his talent suggested he could be, but he’s still finished as one of the 30 or so most productive corners ever and was a legitimate ballhawk, both in Atlanta and later on.

Deion was obviously absurdly good and our own, current Deion (Jones) is working his way up the all-time leaderboard for interception touchdowns, and it’d only take a couple to vault him into the top 20. If Alford and Desmond Trufant stay healthy, they’ll both likely be among the top 75 or so for passes defensed all-time, too, and they played enough years with the Falcons that we’ll count it when they get there.

I’ve said this before and will say it again: Nobody is going to touch Rolland Lawrence for total number of interceptions in team history, in all likelihood, and it’s sort of insane that that’s only good for 8th all-time. For all the talent this team has had at corner over the years, they’ve unfortunately not gotten to enjoy having one of their elite corners for their entire career for quite some time now. Maybe that changes with A.J. Terrell?